Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moving right along

Slept well except for the coughing fit at 3 am, which made me wake up and make some tea. Confused the crap out of Spook, who had been sleeping in the guest room.

Boring day at work. Wrote some test cases with only partial marketing specs to go on.

Wetness fell from the sky. Not much, not often, but throughout the day. More important for my gardens is the cloud cover and 20° drop in temperature.

Lunchtime went to Kaiser, PSA blood test and flu shot. Long wait for the former because they only had two clerks checking people in, and patient who were in the wrong place. Long line for the latter, because they have been pimping those shots for months, and just started giving them Monday.

Back to work, bought a sandwich from the machine and didn't die.

Home by way of Lucky's, which is what I should have done yesterday. Bananas, apples, oranges, a couple of frozen dinners on sale, and a 2-layer black forest cake because my middle sister said so.

AFter putting groc away, dropped off the rent check. Usually do that the last weekend of the month, but this month I'd paid off a lot of Discover card, and didn't have enough $$ in the account to cover rent till today.

Spook is starting to get used to me picking her up. Or rather, the fact that if I want to pick her up I will, eventually. She still immediately looks for a place to jump to.

Almost had clam strips for dinner, because Things Bought Whilst Hungry™, but at the last minute opted to finish the last of the chicken soup from the fridge. About half a gallon, I think. There is still some in the freezer. Cut open a cantaloupe for dessert, but only ate 1/4 because it was singularly un-sweet.

Paid $40 for a "free" disk partition program. The trial version lets you perform the commands, but if you want to actually apply them, you need a license key. I looked for Partition Magic, which was my favorite back when disks were 2GB, but it was bought by Symantec and killed. With no replacement. So EaseUS is it now.

It let me take the HDD which was pulled from the Dell, remove all the partitions (there were 4 hidden ones in addition to the main one) and now it is wiping the data from the whole thing. Probably will take all night. Once it's done that's one more thing to add to the pile of stuff to sell on eBay.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the car in to get the tire fixed

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