Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost fired them.

This morning before I left for work I had made up my mind to fire Terminix. But there was a rat in one of the traps (it took three weeks) so I have put that thought on hold.

This afternoon, a Terminix tech, not the one who did the initial work, probably because I complained, called to ask what the deal was. I told him about the rat, and he said he saw that and would take care of it. Since I had not heard from them in the week since I called to complain, it did nmot occur to me that what he was really asking was why he was there instead of the regular guy.

Anyhow, he left a note, which said he now had 3 traps set, not just the original 2, an d there was a comment "roof rat activity noticed" which I would have expected some explanation of what they were going to do about that.

Woke up this morning with the alarm, feeling like another 8 hours in bed woud be a nice idea. But I went to work anyway.

Nothing at work worth mentioning.

Lunchtime I went to America's Tire, and they were hella busy, but also very organized and checked out my car as soon as I got to the head of the line. It took 90 minutes for them to finish the job, but it was free, and they have a comfortable waiting area, and I had my Nexus. Read a lot of Mary's book. Regency romance is not a genre I read, but she writes well, and has invented some plausible magic. But I want to smack the heroine upside the head and tell her to forget about Pretty-Charming-Rich Boy and go for the talented, but socially inept one who is obviously in love with her.

Back at work, I had a peach, sliced apple with honey, mixed nuts and a quartet of Keebler's pretty good answer to thin mint cookies. Decided to be bad and have an It's It instead of an orange.

Also before leaving for work, I kicked myself for not noticing that Spook has not touched the dry food in the tower for months. She's been living off the treats, apparently.  So I went online to research dry cat foods, and after work stopped at Petco and bought small bags of three types. And a small cat tree for the bedroom.

Home, emptied the tower into the bag the food had come from, and poured in the bag of Blue brand food. Spook immediately came around from the back of the tower and started munching. But not for long. Fortunately she stops eating when she is no longer hungry.

Watched some football. Sad to see Michael Vick unable to connect on many passes, and sadder that his field goal kicker failed. Baltimore won due to coaching stupidity on the part of the steelers.

It took some hunting, but found the USB connector for the original Toshiba SSD drive, wiped out the partitions and am in the process of wiping the data. Just in case it sells on eBay. Only 192GB. But with the adapter it makes a really fine portable backup drive.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tabard Theater, Homeward Bound - a show about orphans put on trains west to foster homes.

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