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Friday's Doings

Work was pretty quiet, I filed one feature request and one of my bugs was marked a duplicate of someone else's earlier one even though it wasn't.

Lunchtime five of us went to Barn Thai. I managed to talk them into a 12:30 departure time, which meant we only spent 5 minutes waiting instead of 20.

At almost end of day we get word there may be a new build. I had a ticket to a show in SJ at 8, so it gave me a reason to hang out. The build arrived at about 6:45, I installed it on my machine and one of my cow-orkers', and was on the road a little after 7. There was still rush hour traffic, but at least it was moving. Parking was the worst time-sink, San Pedro Square is now the place to be on a Friday night. 7:45 I had a cup of hot cider and a chocolate bar from the concession stand and was in my seat. Tabard Theater used to be a bar/dance place, and the theater uses some of that.

The show was written, directed and produced by the theater's owner, but it wasn't bad. Homeward Bound is the story of 6 orphan girls and their chaperon who are part of a NYC program to get the urchins off the street and out of the orphanages and adopted by couples in the midwest and west. The way it is written, the orphan train program, which spanned 75 years from the mid-1800s, is pitched as HOPE® for the orphans, but there is a thinly veiled subtext that it was a way to solve NYC's immigration crisis by selling the children into slavery, far away. Just before the curtain call, there was a voice-over to the effect that only 1/4 of the children were adopted, and most were farmed out as indentured servants. There was no mention of where the $$ for the trains came from.

Though there was only one adult on stage and the children were as young as 4th grade, none older than 11th, it did not have the feel of children's theater. Each child actress gave an adult-level performance, created a unique character, and had their parts down solid. The show moves along fairly well, until the final tableau which was way too long for a "where are they now" moment for each girl.

It was done on a bare stage, and "scene changes" where nothing is changed except for a blackout/lights up moment, shows the playwright's television roots. All the cast was miked, which was not needed in that space, and made it difficult to tell who was talking. They used spotlights to help with that, but to me that's like swatting a fly with a military-grade laser. It was also confusing the times the cast entered through the aisles. 

Another good thing done poorly was the projection screens. The theater has three, with the central one's display separate from the two on the sides.  There was a huge amount of archival photography on the side screens, and while it added a lot to the history, and some of them are truly heartbreaking, there were too many and they went by too quickly.

Homeward Bound continues this weekend and next, and is well worth seeing. Clicky clicky.

After the show I walked up and down San Pedro, admiring all the eye candy, undressed for success. Lots of short shorts and bubble butts in form-fitting stretch pants. And camel toes too. San Pedro Market is a food and bar court which was jam packed.

I ducked into Peggy Sue's, open till 2 am, and while there were things on the menu I like, I wasn't hungry, so I just went back to the parking garage, found the car, waited about 5 minutes for the logjam caused by an awkwardly placed ticket reader at the 4th floor exit, and went home.

At home did some Facebooking, put on a kettle, poured myself some soda and squeezed some lime juice into it, snacked on chips and dip while channel surfing, and waiting for a serving of clam strips to bake. At about 2 am I was finishing a piece of black forest cake and heading for bed. That late night snackery was pretty stupid.

This morning I checked the marigold patch, and there are a ton of sprouts. And my tea is still on the counter, untouched.

Plans for what is now today:
Steel wool jam the gaps in the outside wall
Refill one of the hummer feeders
Lowe's, buy electronic rat traps
Charge the new battery which arrived yesterday for the laptop. The extra adapter looks like it is due today too. 
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