Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Did not sleep well. 2 am took a dump which clogged the toilet. Had to use th guest bathroom the rest of the night.
Called roto rooter at 7:30 am, they gave me an 8-noon window. Arrived at 10, fixed it in 5 minutes using the same kind of auger (snake) I had used to make more of a mess. $200.

Watched some football. Facebooked. Journaled. Very sleepy all day. Did not feel up to going to Convolution, so I went for a massage, which turned out well. Opted to go home and have a piece of black forest cake instead of Starbucks & mocha.

Set up an electronic rat trap behind the house where the concrete is cracked. Baited it with cat food. PNB has not worked well for Terminix.  
Watched more football.

Sat on the porch, with lime soda and mixed nuts and finished Mary Robinette Kowal's page-turner Shades of Milk and Honey (I think I previously named another book, which turns out to be a sequel). Pretty exciting ending, though the question of who the heroine will wed is telegraphed strongly from the moment he appears.

Watched more football over dinner of smoked turkey leg, corn on the cob and black forest cake.

Updated to Quicken 2015, after finding out that I already had the check writer software which supports it. But that needed to be updated twice before it worked. Also installed Q2015 on the new laptop.

And now I will take drugs and go to bed way too early.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe MNF
Maybe something else

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