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Went to bed at 9pm, slept in increments of 4 and 2 hours till 7:30. At work by 9am. Home, played the Tivo recording of the Seahawks game, but at halftime I needed a nap. Slept for about an hour, made dinner, watched the rest of the game, which was a very poor showing by both teams, with a last-minute win by the home team. The NFL is now saying it was won on a bad call, but I think they misread the rules.

This week the refs have been way out of line, starting with Thursday night. Both with picky calls, wrong calls and non-calls. Not that I really care.

Work was quiet again, I was reminded by Automation Guy that there were two bugs I forgot to file a month ago (I was going to but got assigned a customer-critical issue to investigate which took a week). So I filed those, and then found one more new one to write up. And tomorrow I will probably be able to close one I filed last week, which seems to have been fixed in Friday's build.

Received in the mail a bottle of eucalyptus oil for the diffuser which I thought had not been ordered, it took so long to get here and Amazon lumped it with three other orders which arrived last week.

Found the receipt for the Raiders jersey I thought was misplaced by the team shop, and it said the PayPal charge failed to go through. Which means I was right to re-order it the other day.

Plans for tomorrow:

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