Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2's Day

Got to work at about 9:30 because traffic made me take a back route. Along with everyone else.

Got some work done. Verified a fixed bug, but did not file any new ones.

Lunchtime at Carl's Jr because it is close and fast and there was a 2 pm meeting of the mini team. Much discussion about the lack of equipment, some of which will be mitigated by me taking most of next week off to be with the visiting relatives. And filed for the time off, which Boss okayed.

Batcave Starbucks after work, Facebooked on my laptop. Free reward drink. There was some serious short short/tank top activity early on, but by 7 it was all quiet. This place closed at 7:30 before the renovations, but now is open till 9.

I have not been on Dreamwidth for a couple of years, and even then it was cloned from my LJ posts. Today I received 6 email messages in reply to a long-ago post. On closer inspection, it was one response edited 5 times. The writer obviously unaware that each save is a send.  It was a long rant which I will attempt to condense here:

In my college days I interned as a cameraman at a TV station. Their investigative reporter hosted a show I worked on, and we made a professional connection. About 7 years after he died, I stumbled across an obit written by someone else who had worked closely with him, and I posted on LJ and it was copied on DW that I would have written to thank her for all those kind words about him, but when I looked her up online I found that she had been arrested, tried and convicted of animal abuse for neglecting her two elderly (25 and 35 years old) horses. And she owed a lot of back taxes on her house, and the gov't was starting proceedings on that. So I posted that it wasn't a good idea to contact her, especially since her most famous work with the reporter was about mistreatment of the local police horses.

So years later she finds this post, and rants about how it was all a frame-up, and a RICO scheme to get her horses for free, and by some speculators who wanted to buy her house under duress for 30% of its value, and she was unemployed and her mother was dying at the time. Those last two bits were true, the first two not so much. I looked up her court case about the horses, found the appeals court decision to toss her appeal (rather than rely on the original news articles from an admittedly unreliable newspaper), and also checked on her claims that the county sheriff was out of her jurisdiction in checking the horses, the arresting officer was corrupt, and the animal control officer had a long rap sheet. She also named the police person handling the case, and claimed some malfeasance there too.

Turns out the arresting officer was indeed corrupt, I found the name on a county list of officers whose testimony was not to be trusted - something called a "Brady officer". But the ranter's house is well within the county the sheriff represents, the animal control officer has a spotless 22-year record and is highly regarded by the court system, and the person she named as the case officer could not possibly have been involved, was at the time a homicide detective, also with a good rep.

And then I looked at the photos of her horses, which she claims were "airbrushed", and saw no sign of that. And the horses looked starved. She claims they only looked old, but I know some 35-year-old horses and they don't look bad at all.

She said I should have reached out to her and asked for her side of the story, and I should do so now, since we share a mentor. But I'm not on DW anymore, haven't paid the dues in a couple of years, and the "info@" email address is a catchall for her defunct web page.

Meanwhile I found another obit for the reporter, which added some details which she left out.

And now I have once again written too much, and must to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Team meeting at 10 (moved from Monday because boss had another meeting)
Denture clinic at 1 pm to get measured for a reline
More work

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