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Visiting Mars

Another boring day at work. was monitoring ESPN as my test video feed, and nearly screamed at the football pundits as they were dissecting what they thought each team had to do to win next week's game "what they need to do to win next week's game is score more points than the other team, you stoops!"

Before leaving for work, I checked the electronic rat trap I had placed in the back of the house near where I think the rat is coming in, and it had been knocked sideways about 30° and the cat food bait was all gone. But no rat. So I checked the battery compartment, which was supposed to have been pre-loaded, but it was empty. So I jammed 4 C batteries in there, but the holder is too small, so I'm not sure the blinking green light means it's ready or if it means there isn't enough charge. I'll check it again tomorrow morning.

Lunchtime was a trip to the denture clinic, which was a zoo, the sole dentist was handling three of us at the same time. The man in room #1 was named Mr. Francisco, I somehow refrained from asking if his name was Sam or Stan.  In room #2 was a woman who couldn't really afford the new lower partial, but they managed to work out a payment plan. She had been going to cut rate dentists, and her partials kept breaking. I was behind door #3, except there are no doors. It took a while, but finally he came in to pour some goop into the upper plate and have me make an impression so it could be relined. I was due to pick up the results tomorrow at 3, but he asked me to come in at 2 so he could make it to his son's football game.

Put in my old uppers, and headed for Denny's for lunch. But the new lowers did not connect, so I put in the old lowers, which connected but the metal bit into my gums. Ouch. Managed the pancakes okay though.

Back to work, still a snoozer.

From there to the AMC, got a ticket for The Martian 3D and looked for somewhere to kill the hour and a half before I needed to be there, but Starbucks was jam packed, the sushi place is gone, and all the others required working teeth. So I was the first one in the theater, and even after the previews it was sparse.

I have not read the book, and had only heard good things about the movie. I liked it a lot, did not really pay attention to the technical stuff, and my only gripes were about casting. I think they went overboard casting all hot women for the crew, and no one over the age of 30. I could have bought that for a colony ship, but not for purely exploration. Matt Damon was pretty good, but I can think of some older actors who would have been more convincing. Starting with that Downey Jr. guy. And WTF are they doing casting a very American African-American as Kapoor? Should have been someone with an East Indian accent. And I didn't buy at all the astrophysicist's act. Not because of race, but because his explanation of a simple slingshot gravity assist  was pure 1st grade teacher, poorly acted. One casting kudo goes to whomever managed to keep Tom Hanks out of the movie.

I did fall in love, though. Her name is Chen Shu, and she had a very small part as the advisor to the head of the Chinese space agency. Classy, tall, gorgeous. This apparently is her first American film, imdb only shows three previous credits, all Chinese, one as a stunt person.

The writing was so-so, but there were LOL moments. I see the screenplay was not written by the book's author.

After the show, I ran into  mettemu and Bryan, who had also been in there seeing the same movie.

Home, delivered was a humidifier from Walmart, or maybe it was Costco. No snailmail, not even spam. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Denture clinic to pick up the finished relined uppers
Maybe get my nails done

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