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Mister Eclectic

I can haz teef

Early out of bed and early to work. Good Hgl morning reading - 97.

Team lead gave me four of his test cases for a new feature, and after a while I thought I was using the wrong analyzer, so I went into the lab, used the one next to him, and we discovered that (a) the one I was using at my desk was actually the better analyzer for this feature and (b) the feature had not yet been added to the device. New features are often like that.

My usual breakfast needed teeth to eat it, so instead I had some American cheese slices, Gatorade and sugar free chocolate pudding. I thought Gatorade was higher in calories, but a small bottle has only 80. Added a bag of M+Ms to make up for the amount of insulin I'd shot up.

1:30, off to the denture clinic. 10 minutes of waiting, 1 minute to fit the relined uppers, and be on my way. Tested the improved teeth on a Togo's #6 on sourdough, and they passed. This was at the one across Lafayette from SJSU campus, close to 3 pm, and there was a small but steady stream of eye candy passing by outside.

Back to work, revisited the ramifications of the no-new-feature and decided team leader needs to file a document change request, and I may need to fail 4 test cases and file a bug if the spec doc turns out to be correct.

Watched the start of the UW-SoCal game on ESPN, but not much before it was go-home time. I was very tired, got to bed late last night on account of the movie. Took a nap. Spook was going crazy, meowing at me, running up and down the hallway, and generally not happy about me not being in bed, even though I had refilled her treats dish and water fountain.

Only slept for about 45 minutes, the rest of the time I was playing on the Nexus.

Currently reading a free Kindle book,  Starborn Odyssey (The Starborn Odyssey Trilogy Book 1) by Haines Sigurdsson, about a generation ship made from hollowing out an asteroid a bit at a time as they travel 12 generations in search of a new planet. And now they have found some candidates. There is nothing much about the author online, except he looks to be retired, and in Florida. He writes like a woman, and there are a lot of typos, missing words and misplaced apostrophes scattered through the work. When I say he writes like a woman, that's not a value judgment, I've found that women use different phrasings than men, and also create big brother/little sister relationships where the little sister is better at math than the big brother. And their male protagonists tend to be more socially adept than those of male authors. And they try to find more redeeming qualities in the Bad Guy™. Generalizations, not universally true.

Emptied and dried the humidifier, and packed it to go back to Costco. Took a while to dry out the tank, finally used a pakama and a lot of shaking. It humidified well, brought the bedroom humidity up to 40% from 37%, but it doesn't allow me to add Vicks vaporizer liquid or any of the healing oils I'd bought. Apparently none of the big ones do. So I'll set up the pint-sized one again and order another. It does a great job of medicating the air, but has no effect on the humidity level.

Delivered while I was napping was the replacement microwave, which is basically the same one which was fried by the defective kitchen island outlet. Panasonic 1.6CuFt, 15" turntable. The Oster, which I only had since August, was making "my motor is sick" noises, was only 1.2 CF and 13" turntable. Also had an unreadable without a flashlight and glasses touch panel, and no sensor. It is now sitting on the dryer with a bag of burned out CFL lamps, ready to go to the recycle center Saturday.

Dinner was corn on the cob boiled in a standard pot and sausages cooked in the new microwave. And diet cola from the soda stream.

Plans for tomorrow:
work (try to remember it is bagel or donut day)
boss' boss' meeting (moved from today)

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