Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dammit I Feel So Stooooooopid!

Spent $194 at Costco on food for the guests. Way more than they will eat, but it's all food I can eat for a while after they have gone. Oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, whitefish, lox, loxettes. 2 dozen eggs. And for myself, 2 $15 packs of breathe-right strips. The latter two items I somehow did not manage to transfer from the cart to the car. I didn't see them when I shoved the cart into the cart aisle, but I know they were in that top bin. I'm sure some happy family has acquired them.

The trip started with a return of the humidifier, for which they gave me cash. Stuff bought online with a card other than their Amex card is refunded by cash. I had expected a store credit.

Checked the rat traps, Terminex did not pick them up, and there is a mouse in one and a rat lying next to another.  Suspicious, the rat does not look like it was trapped, more like poisoned. Nothing in my electric trap, blame the batteries not connecting.

Work at 9:30, but even that early I got the last bagel.

Not much work to do except monitor the machine.

Noon, left to have my nails done. Had a chocolate croissant at the Prolific Oven. Back in plenty of time for boss' boss' meeting. He kept it short, shared a message from one of the finance guys that our main product continues to make a lot of $$ for us. And that we still can't get Corp to buy us the units we need for testing the new product.

Costco after work, home after Costco.

Watched Shark Tank while eating a turkey pot pie. Dessert was a sliced banana with walnuts and honey.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the old microwave & light bulbs to the dump
Buy some outdoor chairs for the porch. Need to fit three of us, and the porch is too small for more than two of the rockers I currently have.
Call Terminix to pick up the dead stuff and their traps.
Fiorello at Saratoga. I still feel conflicted about seeing this show which features three home wreckers.

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