Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not bad for a saturday

Somehow my 10 am trip to the dump didn't happen until noon. But I had added the broken tape deck and a bag of fluorescent bulbs to the microwave. I pulled up to the right-hand side, which was where the microwave bin was last time. Now it's on the left. :-(

Target, to exchange my sodastream cartridge, but they were out. Boo, hiss. Not critical, will try elsewhere tomorrow.

Lowe's, they had the small porch chairs I wanted, so I bought 3. Put them in the car, and the car beeped repeatedly when I tried to open the driver's door. Would not unlock it. It unlocked all the other doors. So I opened the passenger door and reached across to unlock the driver's side from the inside. That worked. No clue what the deal was. Just to be safe I opened and closed all the doors and tried again, and it worked.

Home, decided it would be better to wait until tomorrow to buy eggs & limes. Watched some college football. Did some finance stuff online. Called Terminix again to have them pick up their traps. We now have 2 rats and a mouse lying dead. Have not heard any scratching in two nights, so maybe that's the lot. Need to talk to the manager and find out what kind of services could clear out the nest and poop and re-insulate.

Off to see Fiorello at SBMT. Full house, which surprised me because this morning the director was Facebooking that there were still seats left.

Looking at the program, I have been onstage with 11 of the cast, backstage for 2 more, and 2 orchestra members and the conductor worked on other shows I was in. However, the person I had come to see who FB friended me and urged me to see it even thought there were three people in it I can't stand, was a no-show. I talked to the producer at halftime and he said she bailed at the last minute, decided to not play the last week of the show so she could be at a daughter's audition. She has been un-friended. Because my main thing about FB is I only friend people I have met, and I friended her in the expectation of meeting her for the first time at the show.

Despite a terrific cast, excellent orchestra and all the tech stuff done right, it was not worthy. It just is not a well written script or score. There are only a few songs which are memorable, and they are not the ones which carry the plot.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thai chat meetup 11 am los altos
minor grocery shopping
take out the garbage

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