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That's Thai for "shit!". Drove the 25 minutes to Los Altos Peet's for a Thai conversation group (three of us signed up for the meetup). I got there a few minutes early, did not see anyone inside or outside who looked like either of the other two people who signed up. Waited for 10 minutes, as every middle-aged spandexed, shoe clip clad  bicycler in the Bay Area converged on the place, and after one more trip front to back inside, left. Went to Safeway in search of eggs & limes, but the limes were tiny and 3/99¢, eggs were $6/dozen.

So I drove to the MV Costco, got 24 eggs for <$6, and 5 lbs of limes the size of the Safeway ones for $5. Walnuts were on sale, so I bought a bag, celery also. And the Breathe-Right strips I'd left behind yesterday. Then went next door at Pet Club and bought some kitty litter.

Home, Swiffered the kitchen floor but it was still not clean. Did two loads of laundry. Made the futon bed, Spook helped, and then tested her work.

Drove to Peet's/Specialty's down the block and had iced coffee and a chocolate morning bun while playing on the new laptop. Tried to fire up Photoshop, but it gave me a license error again. I thought I'd fixed that. Adobe apparently no longer offers Photoshop for sale, it is only for rent. They apparently are on the greedy M$FT marketing bandwagon. I still have a legal CS4 disk I can install.

Anyhow, the wifi at the coffee shop was too lame to download the free trial, so I took the laptop home and finished it there.

Received my property tax bill the other day. I thought this was supposed to come out of escrow. Will have to call the bank about it.

Delivered was the second aromatherapy oil diffuser. Will fire them both up tonight.

Went to Lucky's to buy a bottle of Swiffer liquid, but instead came home with the on-sale Swiffer/Bissel steam mop. It took some getting used to, but now the kitchen floor is no longer sticky and it looks cleaner. It probably needs a new floor, but I don't have that kind of $ at the moment. 

Dinner was clam strips and corn on the cob. While watching the 49ers lose a game they had wrapped up. Hey, they have a rep to maintain.

Took out the garbage, bundling the cardboard to recycle was more of a challenge this week because the microwave box had brass staples the size of Godzilla's stitches.

Phoned both my American sisters and caught up. We talked about Israeli sister behind her back, she arrived in Seattle this evening, her bags, she said, are vacationing in Paris. I will bet real cash dollars that's because her thief of a travel agent booked her on a bogus Delta flight actually served by another airline. More than that, there are nonstops to the USA which would not have needed French baggage handlers.

Some good news is the Brits and Israeli will be visiting Poulsbo sister at her house, instead Israeli sister being stupid and having Poulsbo sister & hubby meet them in SEA. Poulsbo house was built by had by them, is lovely, sitting on the back porch one might see a bear. Front porch there may be deer. 40 acres of mostly forest. Not my ideal place to live, but great to visit. 

Spook has spent the evening diving under all the carpet runners.

Plans for tomorrow:
Taking the rest of the week off for the visitors.


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Oct. 12th, 2015 11:01 am (UTC)
Exactly who are your visitors? I must have missed that one. Whoever it is, have a great time. (Is it your Israeli sis?)
Oct. 12th, 2015 05:45 pm (UTC)
We have an escrow account for property taxes but still get a copy of the tax bill. It has a big COPY watermark on it.
Oct. 12th, 2015 07:16 pm (UTC)
Mine are originals. Same thing happened last year, but the excuse they gave was my taxes had doubled (original owner had been there 15 years, new assessment doubled the home's value).
Oct. 17th, 2015 02:51 am (UTC)
Just how many sisters do you have?
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