Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another quiet day in paradice

Been recording Penn & Teller Fool Us and watching when I have a chance. Tonight I saw an amazing trick with dice. Four differently colored ones, so not technically a paradice.

It felt entirely like a Monday morning this morning, and the reason is somehow after a bedtime Hgl of 230-something, 7:30 am it was down to 62. Self-medicated with a Klondike bar before getting dressed.

Work was quiet, team meeting was short because there was nothing new. Toward the end of the day I filed a bug, a very minor one, and the project manager replied that he knew about a similar issue, but apparently never documented it.

Lunch was at Starbucks, with the new laptop, removing Adobe Cloud crap, tried to install CS4 photoshop from my DVD, but it wanted the CS3 s/n because it was an upgrade version, and I'd forgotten to bring that. But I was able to re-install CS5. I've done that before, it may not last. Meanwhile, my seat by the waiting for drinks area provided views of beautiful bottom country.

Online, sold a lot of mutual funds in my brokerage account and IRA, because they have been losing $$ at a prodigious rate, and found a couple of better ones to invest in when those sales clear.

Home, watched MNF while doing Other Things. Dinner was ravioli and cheeses. Banana and walnuts & honey for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Taking the day off
2 pm-ish to SJC
Meet the cousins at their baggage claim & bring them home, possibly by back roads because 101 is a mess at 3-ish.

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