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We managed to get out of the house at 8:15 despite much procrastination on the part of my guests. Got to the train station and could not find parking in the usually available Caltrain lot, but there was one (1) space in the Amtrak lot, which I had not expected (which is why I tried the much bigger CalTrain lots first).  Got a free permit at the Amtrak desk, put it in the car, back to the station and had to ask which platform because none of the posted train numbers were ours.

We were plenty early for the 9:05. Unfortunately, the 9:05 didn't get there till 9:25, which is bizarre because the train originates there. Late in the trip they blamed Union Pacific signal issues. More like Union Pacific messing with them again.

There were several slow-downs after that, but we arrived in Sacto only about 10 minutes late.

Walked to the railroad museum, a short walk in 93° heat. V wanted lunch, but the museum has no food places, so we walked into Old own and had an excellent but slowly delivered meal at Fat City. There was also some eye candy.

Back to the museum, which is huge, and then even huger (mezzanine and 2nd floor) and we got ot as it was closing at 5. Would have been sooner, but they bought stuff in the gift shop.

Had enough time for a quick walk through Old Town, but not enough time to shop. Got back to the train station with about 10 minutes to spare, this train was on time.

Pleasant ride back, just as sunset came along, so it was mostly in the dark.

Arrived at SJ 10 minutes early, home by 9.

Chatted, read books, B from one he bought in the gift shop, V from some books on the coffee table. I also brought her Nancie's Southern Pies to look over (I had gifted her Southern Cakes via amazon.uk 2 weeks ago).

Brought Spook out of the bedroom closet, but she bolted as soon as she saw company. B & V went to bed at 11, Spook came out 20 minutes later as I was wrapping up meds and filling her treats and water.

B & V have negated the training I'd given Spook by keeping their door closed. Boo Hiss.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Wait out the earthquake (Great American Shake-out is 10:15-30)
Visit my workplace
Go to the SJ tech museum.
Thai dinner, probably in Sunnyvale

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