Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thirds Days

Third day of cousins visiting. Have had some nice chats on the porch. Both are jazzed by the hummingbirds zooming by and drinking from the feeders. V especially. And they have managed to get some photos on their cell phones.

At about 11:30 I decided the banana for breakfast wasn't enough, so I broke out the herring and lox, and made up a platter and we all came inside and nibbled. V made coffee (she brought her own, I don't keep any in the house), and B grabbed some diet cola and I made some diet orange soda.

V is somewhat hard to interrupt, so we didn't get out of the house until almost 2 (plan was to get to my work at 1). Gave them the tour, they met most of my co-workers, and a few other engineers. Somehow Automation Guy was nowhere to be seen.

On to the Tech Museum, we got there at 3,  reserved for the IMAX show at 4, but the museum closes at 5, so we only saw the upstairs exhibits and the gift shop. I bought a T for my infant grand-niece in VA.

Discovered the cousins are major fans of That Stupid Show Big Band Theory. I can't stand it.

The film was "Robots" and I was not impressed. Not designed for IMAX, aspect ratios went to hell for most of it. Simon Pegg narration was overbearingly cutesie. No mention of robotic prosthetics. Wish we had been in time for the whales movie.

Home for a bit more, including planning the timeline for tomorrow. They are taking CalTrain to SF, and a bus from there to their Union Square hotel. Hotel had lied to them, saying it was right at the train station. Probably will aim for the 12:24, maybe later if check-in is not until 3, because they arre wheeling 2 suitcases big enough to contain two bodies. Or 3 if they have been hacked apart.

Lots of clouds, and it got chilly. 7-ish, to Pad Thai restaurant off of Lawrence & Arques. I think it used to have another name, and was twice as wide? Maybe not. Young new staff, but they spoke Thai and were confused that the cousins were speaking English with a stranger accent and I was speaking Thai. Young woman was amused when I said I spoke Thai enough to order food nd flirt with women, young man was amused when he put the Rat Na in front of me and I said that looked like the chicken dish V ordered, because where are the noodles. "They're underneath" he said. Oh. And they were. Meanwhile B and V had no idea what was going on.

Excellent meal, but they ordered as if it was individual and the portions were meant to be shared. I would have explained, but V has some serious issues with spicy and gluten and lactose. The wait staff understood that and made her fried tofu with egg instead of flour. And let her know that what B was having would not be good for her.

Home, more chatting. They went to bed about an hour ago, Spook came into the office to rub against my legs, and has gone out again. She had spent all day deep in my bedroom closet. Yesterday at least she came out when we were on the porch, and watched us through the window.

Next door neighbors on the right and nurse for neighbor on the left all came by and chatted.

A good day.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Banana & walnut breakfast for me, V has her own cereal, B likes the grapes.
Maybe have lunch, maybe go to the train station before
Home for me, SF for them
Spend the day with Spook.

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