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Today's adventure was upgrading the big Win7 PC to Win10. I started it sometime in the morning, after 30 minutes it was only 7% complete, so I went shopping.

The object of the shopping was to go to Molly Stone's supermarket in Palo Alto. I'd never been inside before, despite having been near it hundreds of times. It had a the rep which Whole Foods has today, except put it in a 50-year-old building by the railroad tracks.

Turns out to be an impressive place.

I went there because the kosher experts at Chabad said there were many kosher stuffs there. I mostly wanted kosher bagels. Kosher bagels are relatively easy, since the ingredients are all kosher, the main thing is to not use any lard, not make them in bowls, pots pans or ovens which have been used to cook patently non-kosher foods, and not prepare or make them on the sabbath.

Once you show you have abided by those rules, you can pay a rabbi who is a kosher expert to give you a certificate showing your stuff is kosher.

Molly Stone has not done this with their bakery, but they have a whole aisle of kosher stuff, much of it from Israel, and at the end of the aisle is a rack of baked goods which are all clearly marked as kosher. Rolls, hot dog and hamburger buns, cookies, honey cake, but no bagels. :-(

They even have an entire refrigerator case of kosher meats. And two freezer cases of kosher foods, but no bagels. There was box of bialy rolls, but while they were from Brooklyn, they had no kosher marks.

I did get some veggies, though. Impressive produce section.

Up the block is Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels, which was also on the Chabad site. They are more of a café which serves bagel sandwiches. There were only two packages of 6 bagels for sale, no label at all. Not even the legally required ingredients labels. I asked the man if they had kosher bagels I could prove to my guests were kosher, and he asked "what kind of kosher do you mean?" and pointed me to the very old framed rabbi's certificate on the wall near the door. I asked him again if he had something with a kosher label on it, he shook his head.

And then I realized it was shabbat, and could see bagel dough being mixed in the bakery at the back of the shop. And just the fact that they are open on shabbat means they are not kosher. If I cared, I would turn them in.

Next stop, Andronico's in Los Altos. One of my favorite posh Italian markets, they make great black forest cake, carry all the Scharfenberger chocolate, and lots of frozen kosher stuff.

The first thing I found was kosher lactose free cream cheese substitute. Perfect. They had three brands. Maybe 4. I bought the one in the prettiest tub. Next thing was venus fly traps. The ones I bought in HMB are dead, a poor job of potting. So I bought two healthy looking ones. Next was a trip to the bread aisle. Thomas' which is famous for English muffins makes bagels. Whodathunkit? Very nice plump, fresh, 6 in a package, sesame wheat and plain and onion and cinnamon raisin. All kosher. All parve. Yay! bought the first two.

Celebrated by having a mocha and banana bread at Starbucks in the same shopping center. It's next to a bagel shop which is not even pretending to be kosher.

About 6 drops of rain hit my windshield on the way home from Starbucks.

Home, win10 was saying "Hi Howeird" and long story short I spent some time setting it up. The only things it messed up was it switched my speakers to coax somehow, when they were connected to optical. And my VPN program no longer works. And of course the exe I have in my stored files is the old one. As is the one on the laptop. Somehow the laptop's active app is the new one and it works. Very strange. I must have it on a USB drive somewhere.

Did laundry. The visitors got mud on the bathroom rugs, somehow. Needed to launder the towels and bedding to re-use tomorrow.

Tried using MS Edge browser, but it shows all the ads in all the web sites and there is no app to fix that yet. Ad Blocker and social fixer don't have an Edge version. So I'm back to using FFox.

Took a break outside, raked out the dry dead flowers by the mailbox, which were pretty when they were alive. Tilled the area with the rake, spread a few marigold and verbena seeds around the edges, and then a pile of Bee's Friend seeds. Covered with a couple of inches of enriched garden soil from Annie's. Used the flat side of the rake to level that, and then watered generously.

Dinner was macaroni and sliced turkey dogs, topped with Parmesan. Bananas and walnuts and honey for dessert.

Watched some of the Oregon-UW game. UW players are tiny. But they held their own, only lost by a touchdown. Earlier in the day, UW idiot new coach said he wouldn't call the UW-UO series a rivalry, because UW has not won in 12 years. I do not think he knows what the word means. It's definitely a rivalry, his team is just a loser.

Spook has been very vocal today. She found a big grape on the floor (I had to flush down most of what was left of what I bought at Costco a week ago) and we played soccer with it. I also fired up the RC car for a few minutes, but she was not amused.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up sister at SJC at 9:30 am. Bring her home
Probably hang out most of the day, but maybe she'll be up for a tour. Or a visit to the Computer History museum.
Dinner with her friends at Jerusalem Grill in Campbell


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