Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still fuzzy

I use seamagic to write my LJ posts, and win 10 makes the interface fuzzy. It does that to some other programs as well. Perhaps I need to have it launch in compatibility mode. Except I don't know how on Win10.

Had a good long day today. Picked my sister up at SJC at 9:30, brought her hoke. We hung out, watched hummingbirds, which she was not all that interested in, but a hooded finch was an attraction. Noon-ish we made bagels and lox & faux cream cheese with yuppie salad greens.

I watched some football while she caught up online, since she has a stupidphone for US travel. Then we went to the computer history museum, spent a lot of time in there an a lot more trying to get out, because she insisted on looking at the map every zone, instead of at the arrows on the floor. But the last 10 feet is not clearly marked, so I had to lead her through.

Home again, chatted some more, then off to Campbell and the Jerusalem Bar & Grill. Okay place, obscenely overpriced on account of being the only kosher restaurant in the south bay. We met up with a former Seattle friend of sister's and husband, who I actually had met last year when they came to see Little Shop of Horrors. He is a rabbi and recently wrote a book on how the Old Testament teaches peace. We had a nice chat, I told him how the Israeli bureaucracy cured me of ever wanting to go there again, and he told me anecdotes of the kindness of strangers there. Frankly, I never experience the latter, just the opposite. Nice guy, I'll probably see them again since they are fans of the family of the LSOH music director who is now President of the Svale theater group.

Home, sis went online, Spook came out and let me pet her, but was very wary of the stranger. At least she made an appearance.

Plans for tomorrow:
Leave at 9, show Sis where I work, then to the airport to drop her off
Then lunch and back to work

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