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Took my time getting ready this morning. Not much to do at work so I filed a bug about something I saw yesterday. Had to search the bug database to make sure it had not been reported before.

Did some research on Dolby DD+ audio, and as I suspected, there is no such thing as 2.0, so we can delete that requirement from the test cases. It does 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and up to 15.1. The .1 is the subwoofer, the others are regular speakers. 7.1 is subwoofer plus front left-center-right plus side surround left and right plus rear surround left and right. More than that is for things like commentary (imagine several cast & staff around a table, each with a separate mike), more accurately placed sound effects, and the apocalypse.

Lunch at Mod Pizza. A friend recommended them, it’s a design-your-own pizza, baked quickly. I did not like the result – the reason it bakes quickly is the crust is really a cracker. Hard as a brick, absorbs none of the toppings. I have a big grease stain on my shirt from a mini pizza.

However, one of the female staff came out front to restock the bottled drinks or something, and she looked amazing in that skin-tight stretch pants thing which looked like it was molded to her bubble butt. Nice smile, too.

Dessert was across the way at Panera, cutting ahead of me as I went to open the door was another butt-cling yoga pants woman, slightly less petite but still yummy.

Sat outside eating my cinnamon roll, watching the view. Lots of walk-by traffic in this newly resurrected shopping center.

Bought a pre-supporting-becomes-attending bid for both NOLA and SJ in 2018. NOLA is where I think we should have it, and they have T-shirts for that bid amount. SJ because friends are proposing it. Very competant and fun friends.

Home after work,  nuked Evernote on all my devices, replaced it with more awkward but more readable One Note.

Opened the two packages of whole smoked whitefish which I had hoped my visitors would have helped me eat but didn’t. Rendered them into a bowl and distributed the contents to four quart freezer bags. Three are in the freezer, one is in the fridge. Had lasagna for dinner, will wait for the toaster to arrive before making white fish bagel sandwiches.

Spook found the new little ball I unpackaged Monday, and we played catch a little, but she kept not batting it back.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work

  • Lunch nearby

  • Boss’ boss’ meeting

  • Home


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