Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Football Day

A very usual morning, except it is now cooler when I drive to work, and not quite as hot at lunchtime. Plowed through a series of mostly repetitive tests which basically made sure our box could downshift from Dolby Digital Plus to the oldest MPEG1 (pre-mp3) format with the whole range of video resolutions.

Boss’ boss’ meeting at 2:30 meant lunch at noon so I went to Round Tale for the pizza buffet. Much better pizza than Mod. Much better. Like the difference between matzo and challah.

The meeting was informative. We lost one of the administrators whom Motorola had inflicted on us. The new company has decided we didn’t need anyone in that role, and I strongly agree. Also got email that the stockholders of my company and one in the UK have approved our merger. We are still waiting for a couple of countries to lie and say they don’t think it’s an anti-trust issue, but when those approvals come through I will be ashamed to be working for a UK corporation, not an American one, strictly for the small tax evasion benefits and maybe some extra people in Europe to make up for the ones the company fired when they first took over from Moto.

Strange but true, the channel Thursday Night Football is on is the one I needed to use for the audio testing. So I saw the Seahawks’ first TD on my PC monitor before going home to watch the rest on a real TV set.

Delivered was a very nice Cuisinart 4-slot, bagel-ready toaster which Amazon had on sale. I bought it online so it’s an Internet toaster. Some of you old farts will get the joke.

So dinner was a toasted plain bagel with faux cream cheese, faux butter, whitefish, lox and yuppie greens.

Ate while I watched the Seahawks try to give the game away two or three times, but the 49ers kept refusing the gifts and finally Seattle basically crushed them. Not nearly as badly s they would have had they not traded away the best center in the NFL, which pissed me off not just because without him Wilson is sack central, but also because his last name is the same as my Seattle area Seahawks fan sister and brother-in-law and I spent major currency a few years ago to buy them official jerseys with their/his name on them.

Also on the flatscreen was the Cal/UCLA game, which started almost a half later. Cal Berkeley Bears vs. UCLA Bruins. So Northern Bears against Southern Bears. UCLA walked all over Cal for most of the game, but Cal never gave up, and were still playing to win with 3 seconds left on the clock, down 24-40.

One major change in football recently is after the game, both teams hang around on the field, shaking hands with, sometimes hugging, their opponents. Used to be the winning coach found the losing coach, said something like “good game” and everyone headed for the showers. I like this new sportsmanship a lot better.

Felt like having some tea, so am now sipping from a cup of Chinese jasmine flower tea, and there is a real jasmine flower blooming in the pot.

In Spook news, last night she spent some time sleeping on the bed, and in the morning as I was reading from the Nexus, she came right up to the tablet, sat in the crook of my arm purring, and tried to take a bite out of the Nexus. I’m pretty sure she was telling me she was out of treats.

Plans for tomorrow:




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