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Need More Storage

My guests did not eat a single apple, only had one or two oranges, did not touch the challah and left me with half a dozen bagels. We get apples and oranges at work, as well as bagels on Fridays, and week-old challah is not something to bring to work. So what to do?

Well, the light dawned, and I think I can turn the challah and some apples and oranges into bread pudding. I have eggs and all the other ingredients, I think. And bread pudding freezes well. But I have no room in the freezer.

Probably need to completely unload the freezer and regroup. There are packets in there of orange peel and some sugar water for making candied peels. I have plenty more sugar. That’s a treat I can bring to work, it’s always gone quickly.

I went online looking for a small upright freezer, there’s room for one in the kitchen. But what I saw could not be delivered for a couple of weeks. I may go to the usual places and scope it out. OTOH I really don’t need to spend that kind of $ right now.

Work was productive. I filed one bug and reproduced another. Taught one of my team how to find the cleverly hidden backup routine on the new machines.  We were supposed to get a new build, but it was recalled and was not re-issued by go-home-Howard time.

Straight home, thought about getting gas, but that can wait till tomorrow.

Watched some football. College games, Memphis handled Tulsa, San Diego State ran all over Utah State. SDS has three superb running backs, hardly threw the ball at all.

Spent Quality Time on the futon going through my friend Nancie’s last three cookbooks in search of recipes which use apples, but there was only one which looked appealing, and it was way complicated. While I was reading, Spook traveled between the window ledge, the futon and under the futon, where she attacked my legs and feet. And she opened the closet door just to show me she can.

In the mail was an old CD from the Philippines, the singer who gave Lea Salonga her start. Kuh Ledesma. I’ll listen to it in the car. Also in there was an envelope from my 401k brokerage, I was expecting a check which I’d asked for when I thought I would have to pay my property taxes (later found it comes out of escrow until next year),  but instead it was a statement conforming my order to sell all the shares in the biggest losing mutual fund and buy the same $ amount in the best performing one. BFD.

At work there was some “push go and wait a long time” testing, and in the pauses I shopped for electric cars. I can no longer drive long distances safely, so something which has a 75-mile range will work. The carport has a 110V outlet, overnight charging can be a thing. Kia makes something, but it’s ugly and as aerodynamic as a designer brick. Fiat and SmartCar are too small. The Nissan Leaf looks excellent, and I almost went shopping for one after I remembered that I owe less for my Prius than low Bluebook on account of the trade-in they gave for the Corolla. But in a month or three the 2016 model will be shipping, with a 100+-mile range. So I’ll wait.

Lunch was at Starbucks, because the gang was going to Sweet Tomatoes way too early. Some very nice eye candy, and it was warm enough to sit outside and catch some more views from Jamba Juice and UnaMas.

For dinner I heated up the glatt kosher stuffed cabbage I found at Molly Stone’s, which I bought for myself knowing Sis wouldn’t be having anything which needed to be cooked in my non-kosher microwave. It was excellent, tasted just like what my grandmother taught me to make.

Dessert was the rest of the rice pudding, which needed an extra boost of insulin (last night it made my bedtime readings  shoot up to about 230).

Plans for tomorrow:

Make bread pudding

Maybe make candied orange peels


Possible freezer shopping

Chicago at Woodside Community Theater (I have been assured that they don’t do the whole show in underwear, and one of my LSOH gals is in the chorus, and someone I adore is one of the murderers)


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