Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why Am I Still Up?

Not insomnia. Just a late start and a late evening. Wasn’t out of bed till 11, spent a lot of time converting apples, oranges and challah into something resembling bread pudding. I made two Big Mistakes. One was using “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” instead of margarine/butter. And the other was using eggbeaters instead of real eggs.

I made a small mistake of not mashing the challah pieces into the wet mixture enough. What I got was two glass loaf pans of really delicious stuff, but things are not blended together the way I prefer. Also, the recipe I used for the after-baking sauce was all wrong. Tasted good once I added rum.

The oranges I have turned out to be awful for trying to cut into small bits – too much of that white stuff. Gave up after 2 oranges.

That done, went to gas up the car.

Next project was to wipe the drive in the Toshiba laptop, getting ready to sell it. Long story short, I have a recovery USB drive on order to get it back to factory settings. When I installed the 1TB SSD, I did not copy the recovery partition.

Went to Woodside to see the community theater production of Chicago. There were two people in it I knew. But I also like the show, and was hoping it would be better than the obscenity Palo Alto foisted upon me.

It was. Very entertaining.

All the leads were strong, legitimate theater voices. The orchestra sucked – it was never together, some parts were not covered, and some asshole miked them, so they regularly overpowered the singers, who were also miked. The theater is acoustically gorgeous, there was no need for a mike system at all. Costumes were appropriate – no garter belts, and the male dancers were not shirtless like Palo Alto. Roxie had some amazing flapper gowns.

The director guessed wrong that having the two MCs appear in random places might be a good idea. And that entry from the orchestra platform, which was about 30 feet above the stage at the top of a Ziegfeld style staircase. Too much creative choreography to go into detail about, but mostly good.

A huge female ensemble, most of them very attractive and many are trained ballerinas.

Tech was uneven. Some scene changes were smooth, some made loud noises. Lighting mostly sucked, especially the follow spot. There were some lighting specials on the stairs and on flys, but mostly not used to best advantage.

I was way early, I left at 6 expecting to get there at 7. But traffic to the Stanford football game was only blocking the exit lane, and I was not caught in that. And the homecoming dance was on the other side of Woodside campus, so parking near the theater was plentiful.

After the show I found my favorite murderess and told her how much I enjoyed her Lipschitz. I tried to find “Chiffon” from LSOH, but she was wigged and made up and I did not recognize her. And she did not recognize me, which is sad.

Home, made a pot pie for dinner and watched Shark Tank. And FFed through the Stanford-UW game.

Also tried one more time to restore the Toshiba, from its original SSD. But no joy.

Plans for tomorrow:



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