Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday Redux

Showered at noon. Spook had circumnavigated the bed twice before I even thought of getting up. She’s pretty vocal about wanting her treats.

The only thing on my agenda was a short shopping trip for perishables. I forgot about the Raiders game, but Tivo reminded me as it started recording.  But that was later.

Did my usual stuff online, shut off the big PC and immediately remembered that for the last 3 days I was going to look up the local veterinarian, because Spook was due for her shots & annual exam today. Being Sunday, I knew it would have to wait till next week. I am about as eager to try putting her in a carrier as I am to have open heart surgery without an anesthetic – because it will probably involve the same amount of pain & bleeding.

Anyhow, I broke out the Win10 laptop, since it comes up quickly, and found the place I was looking for. I’d discovered it a few weeks ago, what I liked besides it being really close by, is all the vets are women, and two of them were trained at SLO. I’ve had bad luck with Davis grads.

Lunch was pita cut into little triangles, with garlic hummus and lox on the side, which eventually became lox & hummus sandwichettes.

Watched the end of whatever football game they fed us, one of the boring ones. I really wanted a Jets or Patriots game. Not available in my area. Sadness. The huge WTF is ESPN was showing the World Series of Poker. How is that a sport? How is that even TV-able?

Shopping. My favorite Safeway, and apparently everyone else’s. They had only three cashiers working, no baggers, and the lines were halfway up the aisles. It took 20 minutes to get to the head of the line.

But they had everything I was looking for, except a 1-hole punch, which I didn’t really expect to find.

They even had this:

Which is a joke – all the idiot marketer monkeys are pumpkin spice everything this season. My contribution:

Also found this, which my friend Heidi said was proof she was creamy:

I have no first-hand knowledge of that.

Home, it was already dark. Almost a full moon. Put the grocs away, watched the Raiders walk all over the Chargers, until the 4th quarter when they did their level best to give the game back. Then watched peripherally the Jaguars-Eagles fiasco. Ho hum. While playing on the laptop.

Dinner was a pair of sliced sausages boiled with macaroni, but my Hgl was down to 68 somehow, so I cooked up a bowl of sweet corn to tide me over.

Dessert was my last Magnum ice cream bar. Was planning on buying more, but they raised the price $1.50 for 3, so I bought Klondike thin mints instead.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Make an appointment for Spook
  • MNF

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