Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just Another Manic Monday

got to work in time to install a new build, which was sent after the end of the work day Friday. When It booted up, all my videos had stopped playing. Rebooted and they all came back.

Monday morning meeting was brief. Some time after, Boss emailed that one of the highly technical QA engineers we had inherited from the encoder team upstairs gave his notice. That will put a dent in things. OTOH, some other company will have to put up with him being 10-15 minutes late to meetings and taking afternoons off to mind his kids, and “work from home”.

After the meeting I called Pet’s Friend and made an appointment for Spook for Thursday morning.

Ran a test case I’d missed, failed a bug fix which turned out to have not been a bug at all, it was an internal engineering assignment which some offshore engineer filed incorrectly. Team leader fixed it.

I checked some old bugs on the new build to make sure they were all still fixed (or not).

Lunch was at KFC. Watched the start of the MNF game, then went home and watched the rest. The red birds beat the black birds. I tweeted that.

Harvested 4 cherry tomatoes from the plants behind the house.

Dinner was some herring as an appetizer, a small Asian beef frozen dinner and a big chunk of bread pudding reheated and doused with Bacardi 151.  I didn’t think about lighting it. Maybe next time.

Got the rent statement, and went to print a check, but Win10 messed up the printer settings in my check designer program. I fixed that, but decided I wanted to change the background image for the checks to one of Spook. It took about an hour of trial and error, then I printed the rent check, and it used the old template. Boo. Hiss.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Small team meeting
  • TBA

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