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And I Still Haven’t Ordered the Freezer

The morning started with the usual, and then an hour to kill. At 9:15 I grabbed Spook from her perch in the bay windows, carried her to the piano room, and pushed her into her carrier. She went right in, no muss, not fuss, and only a little bother when I shut the door and she realized she was in a cage again. Which is where she was when I adopted her a year ago.

Pet’s Friend veterinary clinic is cleverly hidden half a block behind Taco Bell, just off Wolfe and Kifer. My GPS got me there okay, but there is a banner on the corner building which made it look like the clinic was in that first building, while it is three or four buildings down.

Plenty of parking, there was a spot right by the door.

The staff was very friendly, waiting areas are comfortable and Spook only meowed while we were waiting for the receptionist.

It took a while to enter all her info, and the tech asked me about some things on the adoption form. She asked the receptionist if there was a code for “beautiful” and I suggested “diva”. They liked that.

Another tech, Jennifer,  came out to take the carrier into the exam room, took Spook out and weighed her, sort of. Cat was not about to hold still, and was trying hard to bolt for the door. The verdict was 13.6 or so. Up a bit from 9# a year ago.

Dr. Miller joined us, gave kitty a standard exam, declared her to be in excellent health, with maybe a little bit of tartar on her teeth but not needing brushing yet.

Then they let the cat loose, and Dr. took a towel and made a safe space under the bench for Spook, who basically ignored it and curled into the corner under as if she was trying to push through to the other side of the wall. Dr. tried to give her a treat, but Spook was having none of it.

A slight pause to get vaccines, and the two of them lifted her back onto the exam table, and two shots were administered. Spook held perfectly still for those. Miracle.

Back in the carrier, it took a while to get the door back in place because instead of listening to me and only pulling up one of the catches and swinging the door open, she removed it completely. Turns out I had never noticed a bit which goes under the carrier. Probably should get a simpler one, except for only once a year, why bother?

Home, as soon as I let Spook out of the carrier she bolted. She opened the bedroom closet and dashed inside.

Time to make up my snack cooler, then go to the office.

Today was the day for the guy who is leaving to do a brain dump about some of the equipment he is in charge of. Worthless. The first session in the morning was supposed to show how to create teletext and slap it into a video stream, but it does it all wrong. I need to find a better way. The second session at 3 pm was about Microsoft Mediaroom, which I worked near when I was at MSFT a few years ago, but that product is end of life, no support, and the customers who use it (both of them) probably won’t for long.

The two presentations dropped soon-to-be-ex-co-worker down a couple of notches in my estimation of his technical abilities. Oh well.

Lunch was at the bad Chinese place because the good Chinese place now closes at 2. A lot of bad fried rice was thrown away.

Just before leaving I followed a friend’s FB suggestion to look at Best Buy for freezers. Amazing but true, they had exactly what I was looking for at a price I am willing to pay, and delivery available early next week.

I need to get some sleep, so I’ll order that tomorrow.

Dinner was a small cashew chicken frozen meal, herring as an appetizer, and a thin mint ice cream cookie.

Watched most of the football game, turned off the sound and did other things.

One of the other things was to open an account at the Tech CU. Not too long ago I fled Tech CU because they were about to go rogue and become a greedy S&L. My first stop, much against my instincts, was Patelco, but that only lasted a month or less, because they sucked. No direct contact with a teller, you go to a thing that looks like an ATM but is something like a Skype connection to tellers upstairs. Any physical items are passed via pneumatic tube.

So I bailed and went to Keypoint CU. They are practically around the corner from work, and I thought their web site was fine, though the staff was always apologizing for it. Well, yesterday I got email saying they would have their spiffy new web site up in 2 weeks. Today the email said they were doing away with Quicken direct connect, which is the main way I check all my finances every night. They claimed there were too few people using it to make it cost effective. So after confirming Tech CU still has it, I decided to switch back.

I really liked them when I had an account there, and looking at the site, apparently they either never went rogue, or came back to being a regular CU.

Either way, I’m now a member, was able to do everything online. As soon as I confirm the routing number and the format the account number needs to be on deposit slips, I’ll switch my direct deposit and all my other bill pays to TCU.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Maybe catch the show at Santa Clara Players
  • Order a freezer

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