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It was not a fun day at work. A bug I filed got punted to another team member, who did not see the issue on her machine in the lab. So I fired up the analyzer on the machine next to hers, and showed it to her. Turns out the newest release of the analyzer software was able to detect and display a signal which none of the previous versions could.

Ex team leader was saying in a very loud voice that I should have checked that I was using the right tools, and would not shut up about it. I was using the right tools. And I showed that our machine does something to the signal which makes it different from the input. Some people don’t know how to think.

The fate of several test cases hinges on whether engineering says it’s a defect or not.

Lunchtime was Starbucks, hot tea because I’ve been coughing too much. Long line of fat people in togas and other voluminous costumes totally blocked my view of what little eye candy there was.

Tech CU phoned me to give me the one-time PIN number to allow me to create an online login and I also got the routing number and three different formats of the account number.

I set stuff up at home, also got their mobile app, which looks very good.

Home, the replacement USB card arrived. I installed it, and it worked without needing drivers installed. Yay!

Watched some bad college football, caught up on Tivo with PTI. I usually watch it after lunch at work but it’s been too busy.

I found the original box the Ultrabook came in. My muscle memory remembered putting it on the top shelf of a closet, but the office closet, where I usually put these things, did not have it. Found it in the end of the bedroom closet I use the least. Selling the machine on eBay. Portege laptop.

I had sort of wanted to see three friends in a play tonight, but would not have enjoyed in in my then-mood.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Drop off the rent check
  • Put some cat poop in the little jar and bring it to the vet
  • Target –try again to exchange a SodaStream cartridge
  • Light the furnace pilot lamp Even though it’s chilly outside in the mornings, the house stays warm, and by 3 pm it’s 70°+ outside.

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