Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Unexpected but nice

Went to my Visa card site to pay down the balance a little, and there was a note that Terminix refunded my full fee. :-)

Posted this on FB, but should also mention here that I bought a Make America Great Again hat from the Trump web site, it arrived and the hat is made in USA, the transaction was handled by a USA Amazon-like site founded by a teenager in Texas, and delivered by USPS Priority Mail. So all those rumors about Trump using Chinese companies is a lie.

This morning was one of those days I didn’t want to get out of bed. But I did, and by 9:30. Somehow.

Got all the things done early: dropped off the rent check, which meant walking through the completely decorated multi-purpose room already setup for the Halloween party. Dropped off a container of Spook poop at the vet’s and took a dark chocolate “fun-size” bar in trade.

Target, exchanged an empty SodaStream canister for a full one.

Home, watered all the indoor and porch plants. The first marigold from Annie’s is in bloom, and it looks gorgeous, but my phone camera refuses to focus on it. Maybe tomorrow.

Buyer’s regret has set in on the Windows 10 laptop. It’s too damned big & heavy. I spent a lot of time online looking for an ultrabook I can afford, but the only one out there is an Asus Zenbook, which has a kind of wonky keyboard. Dell’s is close, but underpowered for the price. Toshiba and all the Japanese companies are way too expensive, blame Congress. Lenovo insists on putting that stupid red rubber thing in the middle of the keyboard, that’s why I sent the last one back.

I set up Tech CU with quicken, it downloads just fine, though sometimes it needs two tries. Blame alleged security issues.

Watched bits of the Michigan/Wisconsin game. Harbaugh still has some work to do. Lots of football on today, was happy that Stanford won, but not that they should have lost because of crappy time management and a left-footed WSU kicker. UW clobbered Arizona, which was a huge surprise. Lots of turnovers by the Wilkdkitties, most of them caused by brilliant plays by UW defenders. The Husky band was all in costume, so they got more than normal air time.

Brunch was three over-easy eggs on sourdough. Dinner was past bows frowned in butter and Safeway cream style corn, which turned out to be water style corn. Next time I’ll buy the name brand.

Dessert was the last of the bread pudding. That went quickly. It was excellent. Tonight it was drizzled with Malibu rum liqueur.  Last night I put the first glass pan from the bread pudding in the dishwasher, and it came out completely clean and sparkling. I loves me the new dishwasher.

Yesterday was one of my NYC cousins’ birthday. Raised in the Bronx, I was surprised he’s a Mets fan. They gave him a win on his birthday. I am not a Mets fan, I am happy the Royals won again tonight. I expect the series to go 2 more games. I am completely neutral regarding the Royals, but my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

Speaking of cousins, the son of the cousin who just visited posted that his mum used to put him to sleep by playing a song from Paul Simon’s There Goes Rhymin Simon album. St. Judy's Comet. I’d never heard of it. Ordered the CD, paid for it with Discover Card rewards.

Spent some time on the porch reading. The hummers have abandoned the feeders, it seems. I saw plenty feeding from the flowers along the main road, even saw one trying to get nectar out of one of the lamp posts.

After the sun was less brutal, I finished foaming the places where rats might come under the house. already packed steel wool into all but one, and di that one too. Then sprayed gap filler foam to reinforce the steel wool and help hold it in place.

Plans for tomorrow:

Only one thing on the agenda, pick up a ticket from under Janice’s rug, and join her to at TheatreWorks to see a show. She buys season tickets with a neighbor, but neighbor can’t go.

Oh yeah, take out the garbage. I didn’t do that last week because there wasn’t enough to justify the work.


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