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Highlight of the day was lunch at Pedro’s, a huge villa-style restaurant not too far from work. Going away lunch for a co-worker. Paid for by the company. Kind of a soap opera story. Sometime after Motorola bought the company I was working for and fired most of the local administrative and all of the sales staff, we had most of the second floor empty, so when Moto bought an encoder company, they put those people up there. This guy was the technical QA lead.

Encoders are to what my company built as a uke is to a sitar. From Day 1 it was clear that the folks upstairs were nowhere near as technical as us. With the latest change of ownership came the missive to merge both groups. Long story short, the manager of the ukes QA group proved to be less adept than the manager of the sitar QA group, and he was demoted and moved out of QA. Sitar manager got all the uke QA people.

I think a huge reason for the uke QA team leader leaving has to do with the change in management, and having to learn the sitar. He also learned to be a constructive critic instead of an abrasive one.

I won’t miss him. He was in charge of three features in the product which I’m also an expert at, and last week when he showed us how his test machines in the uke lab worked, it was clear they are useless. An analogy is he was supposed to test that the instrument was in tune, so he built a program which tested each individual string in random order, but never tried to play chords. Looked good on paper, but not so good IRL.

The food was so-so. It was delivered in record time. The place is pretty quiet, the heavy furniture and solid wood beams help. Good place for a group lunch if you like tacos, burritos and enchiladas, which I do not.

Back at work, I was about to start some serious testing when boss threw a customer reported bug my way. Had to clear out my database and install some old software. It took almost three hours before I was able to report that the problem was not reproducible, and the salescreatures who reported it needed to provide much more information.

Looked up the 2016 Nissan Leaf, ready to go to the dealership and see if I can afford one with my Prius as a trade-in. But the 2016 isn’t out yet, and they are not releasing any pricing details.

Bought tickets for Friday’s play at Santa Clara, and for Evita in Sunnyvale’s final Saturday show. Also want to see the show at Tabbard, but probably don’t have time.

Straight home after work, have I mentioned how much I hate winter, and all the dark?

Caught up on three episodes of Pardon The Interruption and may need to write to them to let them know that if they are both yelling at the same time, neither one is heard.

Dinner was Boston Market beef Stroganoff, which they call some inane name like beef pieces in pasta. Yummy.

Chocolate covered halvah and a disc of thin mint ice cream for dessert. I was a bad boy. I blame weighing myself for the first time in weeks, and I’m down 10 lbs.

In the background I am building a slide show of last year at this time’s vacation in Ventura. Maybe I’ll do that again.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Boss’ boss’ meeting
  • TBD

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