Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Until something better than this world arrives, We'll lead rich fantasy lives.

When Tom Smith was struggling, I bought a lot of downloads from him. He’s a force of nature, and it was very sad that the lack of an economy hit him so hard. It looks like he’s back, along with filk in general.

I don’t know why it is, but I can never get past the first verse of this song without choking up. I do not lead a rich fantasy life, never imagined myself to be the princess of Norway, don’t RPG or LARP on weekends let alone lead an army. Maybe it’s this verse:

So don't be unkind to a wandering mind,
Just say it again if we missed it.
Some whispering poem was calling us home
To a place we know never existed.

What brought this on was a post on  FB/Filker asking for suggestions of filk CDs. Tom was mentioned early and often.

Did not do much work at work today. First order of the day was to install a new build, and it failed in many and diverse ways. We were soon told to put back the previous build. About the only useful thing I did was explain a bug to one of the engineers. It was strange, out of all the time zones in the world, the machine had a problem with showing the right DST status for two of them. I guess that leaves 22 which worked correctly. Except that a lot of those don’t have Daylight Time.,

In other news, it was Guy Fawkes Day. My Brighton cousin was all set to go to a parade, bonfire and fireworks show, but it’s raining pretty hard, so that didn’t happen.

Dell emailed that they have shipped the ultrabook – maybe I’ll get it in time for my birthday - and eBay emailed that my ultrabook did not sell, so I re-listed at a lower price.

I have so much stuff to sell, but am too lazy.

Yesterday I tried to fax my direct deposit form from work, but it hit a busy signal, so tonight I did it from home, and it went through fine.

Lunchtime Target was my first stop, I needed Robitussin  and Rot Guard. Spent way too much time in there finding other things to buy. A 1-hole punch, SodaStream mixes have been replaced by a different brand, they were on sale so I bought a pair of diet ginger ale, since there’s a bottle with slices of ginger in it already in the fridge. I also needed reinforcements, but they don’t sell them. WTF?

Last night I went to the social security site to order a replacement medicare card – I set mine down next the the printer with a few other cards, but it’s not there anymore. Not in my wallet, not in my file folder of cards. But guess what? The ss web site is only active during business hours. WTF? So I logged in from work today and ordered the replacement.

Lunch at Denny’s. Chicken fried steak.

NFL football was not on  any of the live feeds, so I ducked out 10 minutes early. Took a while to find it on Comcast.

Dinner was a small Stouffer's spaghetti & meatballs. Mint chocolate cookies for dessert.

Janice has bridge night on Friday the 13th, so I’ll go to Death Takes a Holiday at Tabbard by myself.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work (bagels or donuts day)

Santa Clara Players “Agatha Crusty” (pronounced “croosty”) sequel. It’s going to be lame, but four friends are in it, and some of the staff are also friends. I’ve been in one show, directed one and ran lights for another there. But it has been a while because they don’t do musicals.


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