Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Some things seem to happen for a reason

I was not going to see the current play at Santa Clara because I knew it was a dog. But 4 friends are in it so I went. It was even worse than expected. I felt really bad for my friends.

But in the audience, I found out at halftime, was one of my favorite people. We had a nice chat.

Work was work and a half. I needed to learn to use two signal generators, and I thought I was doing it wrong because none of the changes I made to the signal showed up after it had gone through the machine I was testing. It took about four hours and help from three co-workers and two more pieces of equipment to confirm that is wasn’t me, it was a bug.

Lunchtime was going to be at the new wings place which was supposedly open in what had been most of Mr. Chau’s, but was not serving yet. The only other place open that late was the bakery, so I had one little cake-like object and read a little from the Kindle, but got back to work early to continue that bug thing. It took a long time to write it up.

A very sparse weekly report, only 1 bug filed, one other not reproduced, and only a handful of test cases passed, plus 3 failed.  Each test case is a matrix of 15 configurations.

Home, watched SJ State go for 2 and lose when they really should have taken the tie. But to lose to BYU by only 1 point is something to write home about.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Will not be going to my month’s birthday celebration at the community center because they effed it up by a. not having cake and b. changing it to a veterans’ theme.
  • Taking Caltrain to the city, for the annual science fair at AT&T Park.
  • May do some gardening, or maybe just buy some dirt & some plants

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