Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Was the day half full or half empty?

Was up early, it was raining, there was thunder close by but I didn’t see the lightning. At work before 9 for a change, lots of email which was mostly some automatic spam from the build engineer telling of almost 100 builds done since Friday. Bizarre, because usually there’s not more than one a week.

Team meeting was a bit confused, we have too many projects with too many different deadlines.

Webcast meeting right after that about the specs for the MPEG2 part of the product.

Because rain, I stayed inside for lunch, grabbed a cup of noodles from my stash, and some thin mint oreos for dessert.

Was planning on  running some tests which needed video clips with certain format changes in them, but we didn’t have any so the balance of the day was spent recording some. I needed MPEG2 and MPEG4 PAL in both 576i and 1080i. While I was at it I also made them in NTSC 1080i and 720p.

Watched the start of MNF on ESPN, which was actually part of the test because they carry closed captioning and a CUEI signal – that’s the signal which tells the local ad player when  to insert advertising into the program. And two audio tracks, even though both are in English. For the test the more elements in the program the better.

Home, still drizzling on and off. People driving while slow – so many people driving with dried out, dirty windshield wipers. So many people scared of the dark.

In the mail was the extra a/c adapter for the yet-to-be-shipped new ultrabook.  And a card from my youngest sister describing an event from the family gathering for my aunt’s gravestone unveiling in NYC. All my sisters were there, but this was the first report about it. And not about the main event, but about afterwards, baby sister’s summation of the power hierarchy. The sons of the departed aunt are very strong personalities, typical New Yawkers. Seattle cured our family of most of that. One would think that a woman just retired from 20+ years as a civilian engineer at a defense research station would have developed the coping skills, but her master’s degree apparently is no match for their two doctorates. And they have 10 years on her.

She asks if she’ll be seeing me any time soon. Probably not till snow season is over up there.

Watched the rest of the football game, dinner was steamed dim sum. Forgot there was ngaw in the fridge, so dessert was a thin mint ice cream disk.

My backup has failed twice, it’s supposed to tell me before it starts if the disk doesn’t have enough room. I nuked the oldest set, and started again, but it may need even more space than that. I’ll know in the morning.

Went online and filled in the “what’s my trade-in worth?” form on the Nissan site, and got a call minutes later (the site said this may happen) from the dealership’s internet sales rep. So he has me in his database to ping when the 2016s come out, he said probably in January. From the pricing I’m seeing, if I’m lucky they will pay off the Prius with nothing left over to go into the Leaf. It might be smarter to lease the new car. Burn that bridge when I come to it.

Spook has been attacking my arms, jumping up from the side of the recliner, but when I pick her up to sit her on my lap, she bolts. I’ve taken the vet’s advice and ordered one of those pheromone plug-ins which are supposed to make her feel more at home. e’ll see.

Applied for a Chase card, they sent me a no interest for 15 months, no annual fee, 3% balance transfer/0% interest offer. I’ll have them pay off my Citi card, which just started charging interest. The fee will pay for itself in 2 months. Which reminded me to go online and claim my cash back from Citi. Unlike Discover, they won’t link it to Amazon, but they will direct deposit it into my checking.

I’m still coughing too much. Time to make a doctor’s appointment, maybe.

Still looking for a warm weather trip. Probably Puerto Vallarta. In other plans, if it keeps snowing, NYE could be a train ride to Reno. It’s gorgeous when there is snow on the trees, and the last 2 times I went, it had melted before the trip. Still scenic, but not nearly as much. And NYE in Reno is almost as much fun as October in NOLA.

Bought a front row ticket for a musical at my favorite little theater in SJ, but saw the cast list is almost all people I don’t want to see. So I’ll let that seat be vacant.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Leave early for a Thai cooking demo in Menlo Park Draeger’s being presented by my Peace Corps cookbook writing friend from N. Carolina. I don’t know if she knows I signed up. She was going to ping me to get together, but her tour has been way too whirlwind. If they don’t show her the class list, it’ll be a big surprise.

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