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Catching up–Tuesday

On Sunday, I had helped Janice with her backup out of space issue. What I saw on her 1TB backup drive was a pair of backup folders about 80GB each, which matched the dates of her last two backups, and a folder marked admin access only named JanicePC, which took up the rest of the drive. It would not let me open the folder to see what was inside, so I deleted it. That freed up all the space, and she was able top start another backup.

After that we went to Starbucks for a chat (we try to meet up once a week) and she said something about needing to do the backup because she had spent so much time getting her photos in order (she does a lot of traveling, the last was Africa, and has many priceless photos).

Monday night it struck me that she may have meant she had copied all her photos to the backup drive, and that was what was in the JanicePC folder, and I may have nuked all that. It would not be too late to have Geek Squad do a data recovery and get most if not all back.

She goes to bed early, so I didn’t want to phone her, but I could not get to sleep thinking I’d done this awful thing. At about 2:30 am I emailed her, and knew I would not hear back till 10 am or so. But it was a sleepless night.

She didn’t write back until afternoon, but what she said was all her photos were on the PC, and with the new ones added she needed to be able to run her usual backup.


So Tuesday I caffeinated a lot, took some Tylenol migraine tablets, and sleep walked through work. And there was a lot of work, but it was automaton stuff.

I would have liked to go home and sleep, but my dear Peace Corps friend Nancie was coming in from North Carolina to teach a Thai cooking class in Menlo Park, which I had signed up for months ago.

I left work at 4 to beat the traffic, got to Menlo in 45 minutes, and sleep walked around town till I landed at Starbucks and had some tea and a piece of banana bread.

Got to Draeger’s for the class at about 6, browsed until I saw other students in the classroom, and went in.

Nancie and two Draeger’s people were setting up, cutting up ingredients and such, so I got out my phone and took some photos, and next thing I knew Nancie was next to me giving me a Thai “wai” and a traditional greeting, and a big hug.

The class was her non-stop chatter about the dishes she was making, and her usual explanation of the ingredients, and where in Thailand the recipe was from, etc. She started with a pomelo salad, then did tom ka gai (one of my faves) and then pumpkin curried beef and finally coconut ice cream with caramelized pineapple topping. We got to sample everything.

After the class she asked me to hang around, and after she and the staff finished having a dinner of the leftovers, and she went downstairs to buy a couple of copies of her latest book, brought them upstairs, signed them and gave them to the staff. She had mailed me a signed copy last month.

After seeing that Peet’s and Starbucks were closed, we headed for Denny’s in Redwood City, since she was staying in Half Moon Bay, and we chatted for 2 hours over chocolate shakes. Lots of laughs and nostalgia.

Even though she was doing Thai for the class, the book she is touring is Southern Soups & Stews (now that she lives in Nor’Lina she has been writing books on southern cooking. This is her 3rd and there’s another on the way).

My favorite photo from the night:

I call it Still Life With Fish Sauce.

Sometime after 11 I saw her off with a big hug, and drove home.


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