Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Getting up to date

Which brings me to Thursday. Finally got almost enough sleep, there was only some spot checking to do at work, so I spent some time looking for flights on SW to warm places, but there was nothing affordable till after the holidays. If it keeps snowing in the Sierras I will probably take the train to Reno for NYE. It’s a beautiful ride when there is snow on the trees, and the river is flowing. And Reno is fun on NYE – almost the same feel as NOLA.

Thanksgiving got taken care of too, Logan, the friend whose wedding I went to, invited me to join his gathering. His wife’s first turkey day, maybe, since they don’t do it in South Africa. Yay!

Lunchtime was a trip to the nail parlor, followed by clam chowder and a grenadine ball at Prolific Oven (I took 3/4 of that GB home, it is so rich!). From there to the CU, hoping to change the PIN on my new ATM card, but as soon as I sat down 2nd in line for busy bankers, my calendar beeped, reminding me I had 15 minutes to get back to work for a web meeting on some more specifications, these for allowing the customer to slap a logo onto the video. Lots of interesting feedback from the engineer heading that project.

Also went onto my Flickr account and build a 2016 calendar album from my 2015 photos. It was not much of a year for pictures for me, but there were 32 to choose from. Including 2 possible covers.

Straight home, watched the Jets lose.

The Dell ultrabook was waiting by the front door, and I have been installing my stuff onto it. Windows 10 backup from the big laptop to the new one, which is a much better size for carrying around. But still solid, much better built than the Toshiba. The backup routine is weird, I will have to re-install most of the apps, but the preferences are there.

I also paid $99 to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Needed to video chat with an MSFT rep to find out how to do that. It was not intuitive.

While it was installing, Spook jumped up onto the recliner arm, and walked across my lap, put her paws on the tray and watched the spinning logo for a while, then jumped off. Earlier she had begged a potato chip from me. Just one, and would not take it till I put it on the floor. I installed a kitty pheromone atomizer in the bedroom, I suspect it’s having the desired effect. Fingers crossed.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work

  • Expecting a call from BestBuy telling me the time window for the freezer delivery

  • Move the kitchen table & chairs & Venus fly trap out of the way for that

  • Take the bag of oranges which were on the table and bring them to work

  • Clear the table and chairs off the porch too


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