Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Finances mostly redirected

But first, this morning. Got to sleep at my usual time, for a change, slept well enough the get up before the alarm. Was at work on time, totally forgot it was donut day because I had a lot of snacks with me.

Mostly spun my wheels work-wise, looking over what tests I still had left to run.

Got email from Payroll, my direct deposit went through to the new CU. I logged on to the CU site and there it was, pending. Yay!

Lunchtime started at the new CU, where all I wanted was to change the PIN on my new ATM card to something I can remember, but it turned out to be a half-hour session, because I needed to donate a couple of signatures to the checking account files, and she cut up my ATM card and printed me a new, cheaper one. The story behind that is the one I ordered online is from a company which can’t do the chip thing, so even though we’re a couple of months away from needing one, and the new card doesn’t have one, it’s at least made by a company which can put one in. Seems like a waste to me. Just give me a new one when the chip is available.

Finally changed the PIN. I tested it in the ATM, it worked.

Then to Togo’s for lunch.

Back to the office for a fairly long web meeting going over the remainder of the specs.

Started setting up for a new test, but the weekly report reminder popped up, and that took most of the rest of the day.

Toward the end of the day, Best Buy’s robocaller phoned, and told me the freezer would be delivered between 8:30 and 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Home,  moved all the furniture off of the porch so the freezer could come through. Also moved the kitchen table and chairs out of the way, they will go back after the festivities.

Had the USC-Colorado game on, had a small frozen dinner (pot roast) and put that aside to get the new ultrabook going. First challenge was getting Norton’s (free from Comcast) on. It didn’t like Windows 10. Finally did an online chat with Symantec/India, and she remoted to my machine and basically fooled it by bypassing the download manager and putting the new executable file on with ftp, or something similar, and fooled it again by entering Comcast’s activation code, which is something Comcast did not give out.

I had used Norton to backup the big laptop, and restored to the new one, and while it did okay getting the files on, most of the apps had to be re-installed. Office was there but hidden, and I had to manually enter all my email accounts into Outlook, though as soon as I pointed them at the right database, all my archives showed up.

It took some registry magic to get the old VPN uninstalled and the new version on, and I was able to connect to the office PC using its new IP address.

Photoshop took some remembering. I have an upgrade version, and needed to enter its S/N and then the S/N of the previous release. That worked, but typos made it slow.

And to add to the foo, the ultrabook keeps losing the connection with my bluetooth mouse. Even after new batteries.

That done, back to the big PC in my office, where I looked through Quicken to see what was being paid by Keypoint CU, and logged into all the places to switch it to TechCU. Verizon and Comcast sites were broken, I may have to go into a Verizon office. Comcast was probably just doing system maintenance.

Facebook reminded me that I had a ticket to a show in SJ tonight, and that there were many people in the cast I didn’t want to see, so that seat was empty. Got roboemail from the theater thanking me for coming and asking me to post a review. <snork>

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Freezer
  • Try Verizon & Comcast again
  • 2 pm talk at the library on drought tolerant plants for the Bay Area
  • 8 pm Evita at Sunnyvale

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