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Color Blind

My all in one printer has gone partially color blind. I mostly use it for text, and occasional CD/DVD printing. Because it has the stupid curl-from-under feed, I have another printer to do card stock. But it has a photo paper tray and automagically chooses it when I print from  Windows picture viewer, so when I wanted to print a bunch of photos from my 2005 trip to a batik factory to go with a batik I am giving as a present, I tried to use it.

Reds came out as green with orange stripes.

Nozzle check after 4 head cleanings showed magenta and yellow were not printing, so I replaced the cartridges and cleaned again. No joy.

Which means I am looking at replacing the printer. Prices are not so bad this week, but they look to be better next week, and as the other printer (smaller, no CD tray) does print all the colors, about 10x more slowly, I’ve sent the print job there.

One of the photos shows the woman who made the batik holding it, with the house kitten looking on.

There’s a story behind this. In 2004, that big tsunami killed a lot of men. Several widows looking for a way to earn a living came up with the idea of making and selling batiks.  A friend of mine who lives there and finds funding for non-profits told me about this project, and I donated to it.  In 2005, almost exactly a year after the tsunami, I went there to help spread some dollars around. I bought a bunch of batiks, most of which I have given away as gifts. This is the last of the giftable ones. Well, there’s one more, but it’s an acquired taste.


Work was pretty dull. Mostly I gathered enough evidence to file an esoteric bug about a minor detail in the way our new box tags information embedded in an MPEG-2 frame. It took me a while to realize it only affected one set of formats.  Kind of like discovering that the reason a ukulele’s low E doesn’t sound like an E is a uke doesn’t have one. Or the reason a Nissan Leaf never runs out of gas is it doesn’t have a gas engine.

Before lunch, I brought the German chocolate cake into the break room, already cut into about a dozen slices. Staged plates and forks next to it. It was all gone well before I went to lunch at 1.

Lunchtime was Starbucks, which was more eclectic than usual, two Japanese managers interviewing two Japanese candidates. All 4 came in together, and did an amusing heirarchy dance around a 2-person table until they decided to conduct business at opposite ends of the room. Most of the eye candy was at the big table, employees doing inventory sheets with manager. No wonder the lone barista was way behind.

Home after work, watched PTI and Dr. Who. Hated the Who episode, which was shot entirely on a helmet cam, in low light, poorly. The plot was not well thought out, The Doctor continues to be given inane shouting monologues, and Clara continues to be acknowledged as having intelligence and intuition which she really doesn’t. I was amused by the character with the Japanese name, Mongolian face and way up-country English accent. Played by Elaine Tan. She apparently is London-born, was on East Enders, and hold a shiny new law degree.

Also watched part of a Shark Tank until it was clearly an ancient one, had to change my Tivo settings to only give me new episodes. Stupid people who designed the Romio decided we want, by default, all episodes from all sources from all time.

Dinner was a couple of sausages, Grey Poop-on, sauerkraut and kernel corn, with black forest cake for dessert.

Did a little more of shifting items from the fridge to the new freezer. The plan which has developed is the fridge freezer is for things which will be eaten soon, while the big freezer is for things which take up a lot of space and things which are archived for later. Such as containers of chicken soup, sugar water for candied orange peels, turkey legs (raw & smoked) and ice cream cakes. Also bread dough and a big package of turkey franks and another of sausages.

Delivered today was a vial of aromatherapy oil called “Respire” which has done good for my cough, a 4-pack of cat treats (well timed because I ran out tonight) and a trial pack of Theravent, things to stick up my nose which are the invasive answer to breathe-right strips, which have not been working for me.

Ordered more ink for the small printer. At work I ordered a network interface for my Z-wave system.

Oh good, all the prints are done. They look great. I’m out of glossy paper, had to make do with matte.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work

  • Football (I still have some chips & dip left from Monday Night)


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