Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Last night was the project to restore the big laptop to factory settings. After hours of cranking, it left me with a bricked SSD drive. I’d put the restore program on a USB drive, but after half an hour it would error out.

I was up at 4 am checking its progress, and lost a lot of sleep.

Went in to work at almost 10 as a zombie. Managed to get some actual work done, filed a bug, ran some tests, failed to win at Mah Jong while test machines were rebooting. Dod remember to grab a bagel first thing. And a muffin later.

As a result was not hungry at lunchtime, but was sleepy so I found a nice soft sofa in the break room, but there was too much chatter from the pool table gang which was aimed in my direction so I went outside to our picnic tables. It was 71° and the sky was many shades of clear blue.

Tried to call youngest sister, but got the machine.

Did my weekly report a little bit early, but boss had already left for a dentist appointment. I may run into him tomorrow if I go to the Loi Kratong festival. Or Sunday.

Should have gone straight home, but Fry’s had a printer which fit all my must-haves for about half off. So I slogged through southbound 101 traffic to get to the Brokaw branch because Sunnyvale was out of them. Also bought some glossy 4x6 photo paper because I was all out. They didn’t have extra ink cartridges for this model, I’ll have to order online.

The trip home was a lot easier.

On the doorstep was the Z-wave network hub. It’s unboxed and sitting on the direct-feed printer till tomorrow. Put the new printer on the office chair, went to the bedroom and got undressed and into bed. Took a while to get to sleep, and only got about an hour in.

Up, showered, gave Spook some more treats, took one more try at factory resetting the Inspiron, but when it failed I figured to try Plan B. Took out the SSD drive, and replaced it with the original HDD. Tried the restore again, but it was the USB drive, not the main drive which was the issue.

Went online and after many useless pages, downloaded something which is suppose to put the recovery media on a USB flash drive from a third party PC. I ran it from my main PC, but the window showing which USB drives it was going to wipe out and put the boot media on was unreadable, and since my C: drive registers on the BIOS as a USB drive, I simply copied the software to the USB drive, and will transfer that to the ultrabook. Later.

Unpacked the new printer, set it up, and it yelled at me. Opened up the thing and the cartridge holder was still taped down. Fixed that. loaded in the ink, tried again. WPS wireless setup worked first time, and Win10 actually sees the device without me having to do anything.

I suppose I should send a file to it.

Okay, that worked.

Photo tray didn’t. Needs RTFM.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Gardening if it doesn’t rain
  • Try the Dell restore again
  • Play with the printer some more
  • Shopping? Costco?
  • Set up new litterbox if it arrives
    • Observe Spook’s reaction

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