Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

They started early, I got there on time :-)

Set the alarm for 8:30 so I would be awake when sis called at 9. We chatted till 10:30, which meant I did not get to the Thai temple auxiliary parking area till noon. The lot was almost empty, and I just missed the shuttle. Walked the quarter mile, and arrived as the various children’s classes were doing the final Loi Loi Kratong dance. That was followed by adults in NE (Isan) costumes doing some dances from that area.

Not a big crowd this year, probably because there is no longer a food court. Well, actually there was one, but instead of it being a wide variety things being sold by restaurants and cooking classes, it was just some temple auxiliary people making mostly Isan dishes. I didn’t see anything I wanted, hungry as I was at lunchtime.

Also not as many photo ops, but that was because the good stuff was at 10.

Left after an hour, this time the shuttle was waiting but I was the only passenger. The event lasted till 4, allegedly, but there were no more performances or formal events, just the fundraising – selling kratongs, and flowers to give to the monks, and the raffle was in full swing, with a 55” TV being the 3 pm prize, and an Amazon Fire every 15 minutes.  The raffle booth was very colorful

Went from there to Safeway, did the stock-the-freezer shopping I had been too lazy to do yesterday. So nice to have a freezer big enough to store all the things which previously I could not buy in bulk, or were on sale but would go bad in the fridge before I had a chance to cook it. Along those lines are the makings for chicken soup, which I usually need to make when I’m in no condition to be out of bed, let alone go shopping. Also now have more than a few days’ supply of frozen dinners.

Dinner was out of the freezer – breaded clam strips and corn on the cobettes. Dessert was the last piece of black forest cake. I baked some apple turnovers, but those will go into my lunch cooler. Future dessert will be ice cream cakes which I bought on my birthday, because I finally had someplace to put one.

Watched the end of the Seahawks-49ers game, was disappointed that while the new QB was on the field the whole game, he only proved useful for the first quarter. Beast Mode was injured and did not play, but his replacement was better than he has been.

Also watched the night game, Arizona and Cincy. Close game. Poor clock management lost Bengals the OT opportunity. A stupid defenseman turned what should have been a 50-50 chance field goal into a chip shot. Half the distance to the goal for calling out the other team’s countdown commands.

Lots of boxes to break down and bundle. I use paper moving tape, which is also recyclable le. Some neighbors use duct tape, which isn’t.

Emptied the clumping litter litterbox, vacuumed around that space and set up the crystal litter litterbox. Spook was totally spooked by it, put one paw in then ran away when she saw me watching. But she’s since gone back and used it. Now the experiment is how long it can go without needing the cartridge replaced.

Boxed and wrapped the happy couple’s wedding gift, and started designing a card. Still waiting to hear when and where our turkey day dinner will be.

Tested the new printer’s CD/DVD print function, and it works beautifully.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work

  • MNF

  • Put the big dell on eBay


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