Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dinner After

Because I’ve been on the computer all evening…almost.

The predicted rainfall did not happen this morning, though when I went out the the car I thought I heard raindrops, but it turned out the be falling leaves being blown against the carport roof. So I took the freeway and got to work quickly. I don’t like any of the routes there, the freeway is designed like a bumper car track, entry ramps are exit ramps for the next exit. There is no concept of safe design. And too many drivers cut across four lanes to get to the exit.

Did some work, but mostly was waiting for the next build,. which came late in the day. Looked for fixed bugs to verify, but didn’t see any I could do.

Lunch at Carl’s Jr. because it’s close and I was feeling lazy.

Straight home, expecting the calendars to be waiting for me, but UPS, which put them on a truck about a mile away at 5 am, did not get here till almost 7 pm.

Pulled out the box of mailing envelopes, only to find they are too big. They were left over from 2 years ago, when I was having Costco make them, and they only do spiral bound. PrintingCenter.com does a much more professional job, saddle stitched so they lie flat. Saves a ton of postage, and means there’s no customs form to fill out for international.

Since I needed the right envelopes to get the right weight, I went to Orifice Despot and bought a box of right-sized ones. Just under 6 ounces, which means paying the full 6-oz rate.

Next thing I did was massage the spreadsheet with my mailing list. Two guys in Europe who had a special role in last year’s project are off the list, and we lost our last aunt this year. Also nuked an artist ex who didn’t acknowledge receiving last year’s.

Have sent email to 5 others, three I know have moved, one I’m not sure if she moved or not, and one who just closed on a new house and hasn’t sent her new address out yet.

Lots of Facebooking too. It was a busy news day in Bangkok.

And too many people who do not remember the haphazard coverage on September 11, 2001, and are not humane enough to cut some slack to people who thought the often-played clips of dancing and cheering in the streets by Arabs in the Middle East were in New Jersey, because those clips were sandwiched in between clips of New Yorkers fleeing to New Jersey.

I haven’t changed my mind about being very very careful which Syrians are allowed to emigrate here. Syria is the one country which continuously shells civilians in Israel, and has done since the 40s. It’s the only country which still has a UN peacekeeping force to keep it from attacking Israel in force. And it is the gateway to joining the terrorists.

It only takes one.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Buy a lot of stamps. Maybe I’ll do it online since there is no rush this year.
  • Put return addresses on envelopes

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