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Got stuff done

It rained last night, about 11 pm or so, apparently a whole 1/4”. As usual, nowhere near the 1-2” predicted by the weather spokesmodels. I miss when I spent the summer working at KOMO-TV, and they had a real meteorologist on board. He wasn’t much to look at, but he knew how to read a weather map – none of this canned computer model crap. I’d earned meteorology merit badge a few years before, and he was thrilled that I could talk weather like a pro.

Predicting the weather for Seattle is easy, it’s pretty much what’s offshore from British Columbia, pushed in by Alaskan currents. SF Bay is tricky because you have to go way out over the Pacific, farther out than the computer models show. We get weather from the whole section of the Pacific parallel to WA, OR, CA & Mexico, as far out as 500 miles out to sea. As the fronts get closer to land they push at each other, and the whole picture can change in a matter of minutes.

But I digress.

Work started with a lot of paperwork, electronic variety. electronwork? We’re updating test results both in a spreadsheet for the team and in the regular test app. I had a bunch of tests passed yesterday and added to the spreadsheet, today was the chore of finding them and updating them in the app. While doing that I stumbled on a redundant case, and also a failed case which needed to have the bug report number added to it. And in other news, Dilbert’s spirit visited:

Weeks ago, the project manager found an issue, asked my boss to double-check and file a bug report. Boss tapped me. I confirmed the issue, filed a bug report.  Two new contract engineers took a crack at it, one was able to fix the problem, and I expected to close the case when the fix appeared in next week’s build. But then two of the senior engineers chimed in and said they didn’t see how this was a bug, and the guy who started all this replies that maybe it should be un-fixed. Which apparently it will be. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a bug, and ought to stay fixed. It’s date-related, and customers won’t see anything till next Spring. I’ll bet real cash pennies that we’ll get at least one tech support call on it then.

At about 10 I phoned the homeowner’s insurance company, which happens to be the company which found the house for me, and when they called back they promised to get in touch with my lender and explain that 1. My renewal notice is for 2016, not 2015 and 2. It includes flood insurance. A few minutes later they sent a copy of the fax they sent which only explained #2. She insists that the date on the coverage will magically change to 2016 when the mortgage company pays the premium. We’ll see.

Spent some time troubleshooting a bad SDI feed, and testing closed captioning and Teletext.

No lunch today. I was feeling odd, took a blood sugar reading at 10:30, it was 248. Way high for not having eaten anything, and having shot up the full 150 units at 9. By noon it was still 180, so instead of lunch I shot up more high-test and had an apple.

Online, ordered stamps to mail the calendars. Awkward amounts this year. $2.08 for US, $7.24 for overseas, $3.46 for Canadia.

Boss sent us home at 4:30.

Wanted to stock up on some stuff at Costco, but the evening before T-day is not the time to be there, except for emergencies. So straight home.

Got organized with the calendar. Pulled out what postage I had left from last year, and determined that I did not have enough 8¢ (or 10¢) stamps to make a dent in the pile of domestic mailings, and ditto for stamps which added up to 24¢ for international (can’t use Forever stamps outside of the USA).  I could probably do the three for Canada, but not gracefully. So I’ll wait till the 5¢, 3¢ (=8¢) and 22¢, 2¢ (=24¢, and 46¢) arrive next week.

The first four or 5 are going to tomorrow’s T-day dinner, and next week I’ll hand out about 15 at work. Not going to auction them at BASFA, because they never earn as much as they cost to make, which is insulting. But there are two BASFAns who will get one the next time I’m at a meeting. And one who won’t because she made a rude remark about cropping when I posted the images online. I rarely crop image, because I work hard to compose the photos right the first time.

Printed labels, pasted them and return addresses and “first class” stickers on envelopes. I have three more to do, a friend who moved from  house to an apartment and just sent the new address today, another friend who moved from an apartment to a house and I’m waiting for the new address (but I can use the old one since it will be forwarded), and one for mistymarshall who facebooked that she will email me.

Since Spook is on the cover, I’m sending one to the place I got her, Nine Lives, with a thank you note.

Printed a Firefly/Princess Bride-themed wedding card to go with the present for the host of the T-day dinner. It’s shiny.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Plant some basil

  • Thanksgiving dinner noon-ish in SJ

  • Watch football

  • Take photos of the big laptop and finish the eBay auction for it.


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