Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Am So Sleepy

They tell me turkey does that.

Had a really good sleep last night, up when the alarm went off at 8:30.  Went outside and planted the two basil plants I’d bought at the supermarket earlier in the week. Much the worse for being on the driveway during the cold snap. But I think they’ll make it.

One of the four squares of creeping ground cover which had been in that space showed some signs of life so I re-planted it deeper. Over on the rose garden side, I was going to pull out two catmints plants which looked dead last week, but both are showing new growth, so I watered them so much the potted forms melted into the soil.

Back inside where is wasn’t 42°, watched some football and some Macy’s parade. I cannot find video online yet, but was appalled to see several high school baton twirling teams had been converted to rifle twirling teams. They all had white rifle-shaped objects, obviously balanced for the purpose. The girls were dressed in the usual twirler’s outfits, tight fitting, cheerfully patterned thin material over whatever body suit was keeping them warm. Not military garb.

Punched Logan & Lisa’s address into the GPS and headed there for an early dinner. We were joined by Logan’s brother and one of his DJ friends (who DJed the wedding). I fially was able to give them their Thai batik wedding present, along with the Firefly themed card I made. Lisa loved the back story. Also debuted my 2016 calendar, which features Lisa’s silver shoes from the wedding so Logan says he is married to Miss September. She loved it. Three of the photos came from that trip to Bend. I did not travel much this year, hence not a lot of calendar photo candidates.

It was a good traditional turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, string beans, salad, dressing, corn on the cob and gravy. Dessert was pumpkin and apple pies (I had pumpkin) and vanilla ice cream.  Lots of chatting, not enough Lisa time because she was in the kitchen too much. I was the first to bail, at about 5.

Home, watched the Green Bay game. Meh.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Take the big laptop out of its box and photograph it for eBay. Finish the auction.
  • Kaiser, pick up some insulin, alcohol swabs and lactaid pills, and drop off a full sharps container
  • Target, exchange a soda stream cartridge and buy more diet cola mix and dental floss
  • Monitor Amazon deals. Looking for a 55” 4K UHD TV for <=$500
  • Maybe do some Costco shopping. Maybe wait a day

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