Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After

My brain refuses to call it the same name as the beginning of the Great Depression. I am absolutely not falling for the inane drivel that it’s because traditionally this is the day in which businesses finally get out of the red. And “Out of the Red Friday” doesn’t have the same ring to it. Plus it would be misinterpreted as an insult to First Nation peoples.

Woke up more often than usual last night. Maybe it was because I put cat calming pheromones in the misters instead of respiratory helper.

Out of bed at 8:30, even though I had no reason to.

Took the big laptop out of its box and shot some photos. Uploaded them to eBay and finished posting the auction. Bargain starting price of $499.99. While I was there, I lowered the Toshiba ultrabook auction start price to  $899.99.

Noticed that the cantaloupe ripening on the kitchen table was in the early stages of blue fuzz. Cut it open and fortunately it only touched the rind and maybe 1/8” of the fruit in one small area. Cut it up, trimmed off the bad spots, and put three 1-quart ziplock bags of it in the fridge.

Next on the plan was a trip to Kaiser to deposit a container of sharps, and pick up my 3-month supply of regular insulin, a couple of boxes of alcohol swabs and a bottle of generic lactaid pills.

Return trip plan was Target for some incidentals, and Costco for some freezer fodder. But Target parking lot was vulture center, which meant inside would be way crowded, so I went home instead, will shop tomorrow.

Kept resisting the impulse to do Saturday things. But then the NCAA conspired against me. Both my alma mater UW and the Oregon teams were having their cross-state rivalry games, which I flipped between. UW trounced WSU soundly. UO gave away a big lead, almost gave the game to OSU, but finally won by 10.

In both games, officials made some horrible calls. I would not say the officials are crappy, but I would say that some of them made blatantly incorrect calls, and the crew did not have the integrity to make the right calls on review. Some controversial calls were not even reviewed. Been seeing this in the NFL as well this year.

One item which amuses the heck out of me is the way the refs spot the ball after a play. They eyeball it, no reference is made to the video. But despite the completely subjective spot, when they are asked to, they will meticulously measure the spot, using the chains, as if this is somehow a precise scientific measurement. Can’t be, because the spot isn’t. It wouldn’t be hard to ember a gps tracker into a football, but we all know that will never happen.

Lunch was home made macaroni & bow ties & sausage slices & 3 cheeses. Dinner was from frozen, Swedish meatballs, dessert was cantaloupe.

Watched most of the TCU-Baylor game, which was played in a constant heavy downpour after a 45-minute lightning delay. It was a mess. Finally ended in double overtime with a low score.

Received another brand of cat pheromone spray, but Spook does not seem to have changed her spooked-ness from the barrage last night, so I may hold off on that.

While the football game was bogged down, I finished one more to-do item. Transferred all the bedsheet sets from the shelving in in the office to a multi-layer rack in the bedroom.  This resulted in four orphan pillow cases, and one missing one. There was not room for everything, so the flannel set I bought for Seattle winters will be heading for Goodwill, along with the too-large Birks. Maybe tomorrow.

Tried to pair my Z-wave light switched with the new Samsung/Smarthome internet hub, but they are too old. Considering replacing the 4, but that’s $200.

Speaking of impulse buys, I had been meaning to replace my user-unfriendly Sony A/V receiver with one which has a better user interface, and supports 4K over HDMI. Amazon halved the price of the one I had on my wish list, partly because of the sale day, but also because an overkill new model line has been introduced by the same manufacturer. So I ordered one. That will be my Sunday evening project.

Eventually I’ll add the 4K Tivo Bolt, but I am waiting for Tivo to offer a trade-up deal which will reward me for having a lifetime subscription to the three boxes I own. And a TV, if a reliable brand prices a 4K set for $500 or less. So far $699 has been the best deal.

Just looked up the Samsung I bought last year, and it was $1k at Costco. I may need to rethink that $500 limit. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Drop off the rent check

  • Keypoint CU, close my account

  • Target – buy stuff

  • Costco – buy stuff

  • Water the indoor plants

  • Watch the Big Game™


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