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Third Saturday

Felt like it. Woke up for a few seconds at 8:25 am, turned off the 8:30 alarm and slept till almost 10. Spook woke me up with her whining. 

Last night I was reading in bed on the tablet, leisurely eating American Singles cheese slices when she made the rare move of jumping onto the bed and walking right up to my cheese hand, motioning for a piece. I pulled a small piece off, as usual she would not take it from my hand. When I dropped it on the sheet in front of her, she licked till it got onto her tongue, and swallowed it. Then she shuddered, turned around and walked off the bed and out of the room.

Plan A was to drop off the rent, go to the CU and close my account, shop at Target then at Costco and maybe Fry’s. Brainfarted, and after dropping of the rent went to Target. By the time I was done there, the CU was closed so Costco next. For Target I went to the new one on N. 1st, and except for the disgustingly large Xmas ornament section everything was where it usually is in a Target. Costco, I went to the large one on Coleman, which I rarely go to because it is out of the way, but it was a straight shot from N. 1st. Very different layout from the one on Lawrence, which is somewhat different from the one in MV. I eventually found everything on my A list, but never did find the candy bars. Wanted Paydays. Also, they were not carrying Muenster cheese.

Glanced at Fry’s sale pages on the phone and decided it was not worth the trip. All the alleged sale prices for TVs at all the stores were identical – Fry’s, Best Buy, Target, etc. I do need a new bluetooth mouse for the ultrabook, Windows 10 is flakey with the one I have. But that’s probably an online purchase.

Home, watched some football intermittently whilst doing other things. Most of my Costco shopping was freezer stuff, saved one croissant and a slice of jarlsberg from a frigid death by melting the cheese into the bread-like object for a snack. Plus poured a handful of honey roasted peanuts from Target. And used the new citrus squeezer to squeeze lime juice into some sodastream soda water.

Caught up on the first two of this season’s episodes of Elementary. I don’t like the choice of actor to play Sherlock’s dad. Lucy Liu more and more impresses me as a mature actress, yet her costumes often are schoolgirl tease outfits, which is somewhat disconcerting. Much more disconcerting is the closed captions – somehow the network is streaming the closed captions from their news feed instead of the ones from the program. I have two more episodes to catch up, if the last one has that issue, I’ll email the station and complain. The machines which I test for a living are capable of doing that, though it would not be an easy mistake to make. A human would have to shift a PID (packet identifier) from one program to the other by hand. It’s disconcerting because some of the actors, especially Sherlock, are unacquainted with the concept of enunciation, and combined with London & NYC accents it need translating.

In other news, printed out a few pix of Spook and a letter of thanks, and a donation check to Nine Lives Foundation, put that into an envelope with the calendar, and enough stamps to cover the extra weight. That will find a mailbox tomorrow, I hope.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • PO
  • Keep monitoring 4K TV prices
  • 4K A/V receiver is due to be delivered. Set it up. That’s about a 2-hour chore.
  • Monitor Tivo for any trade-in or credit on the new 4K box
  • Take out the garbage


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Nov. 29th, 2015 07:11 am (UTC)
Reminds me of one of my dogs - gone over 30 years ago, but still shows up in my dreams now and then - probably my one real friend from about age 10 on up to my late 20s - who loved cheese, but would sniff at Kraft products, especially processed cheese food, and reject it. And that dog would eat lettuce, but only if I put thousand island dressing on it.

I'm 60, and I have a lot of people and animals in my life that are no longer around to miss, but I think I miss that dog more than any of them.
Nov. 29th, 2015 10:56 pm (UTC)
My childhood cat liked the chocolate frosting from Pop-Tarts. With impeccable timing, she died at 17 not long before I went across the country to college. Sometimes I still miss her.
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