Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday stuff got done

Didn’t mail the calendar to Nine Lives, will do that tomorrow.

Went to Fry’s, got a Windows 10 compatible BT travel mouse. Looked for a Win10 version of the wireless mouse I currently have. The controller also connects my keyboard, which is Thai/English so I don’t want to buy the whole set.  No joy.

Also got an extension cord for the new printer.

Forgot to go to the local Target to look for diet cola syrup. Ordered 2.5 gallons of the real thing on Amazon.

Was sent a barrage of email from USPS saying my shipment was leaving Newark, CA. About a dozen of them. Just for grins I looked in my mailbox, and  an Amazon order for some socks was in there.

No proper lunch, I snacked on cantaloupe, popcorn and peanuts. And banana with honey and walnuts.

Had the Raiders game on Tivo, watched while it was in progress, fast forwarding over the commercials and halftime garbage. The game was still over in real time before I finished watching the recording. I missed the Seahawks game because I thought it was the night game, but turns out it followed the Raiders.

Watched 49ers lose again. And watched bogus penalty calls cost the Patriots their perfect record. At least four game-changing calls. Too much of this is going on.

While I was watching that last game there was a knock on the door (WTF? Use the doorbell, idiot). I expected UPS to deliver the new A/V unit, opened the front door, nothing. But a mail truck was pulling away out front. Opened the carport door, and there it was. Idiot squared, because there are only three steps to put the thing on the porch, but 5 narrow ones to set it on the carport landing.

After the game was over, I made the switch. It was easy except the AM antenna connection is a PIA (on the Sony it’s a micro connector) and I had to swap speaker cables when I saw that the new (Denon) has the connections in a different order. The automatic speaker balance was also a PIA, they assume you have a sofa with three people on it, less than 2 feet apart. It won’t let you bail. The Sony only balanced for one spot. The results are pretty good, though. More depth to the surround sound than the Sony, more subtle subwoofer.

The Tivo, Amazon Fire and Samsung blu-ray player  are all hooked up to it and working fine. Maybe tomorrow I’ll test the internet radio feature.

New base unit meant reprogramming the Logitech remote, but I got it right first try.

Spook helped by attacking the old unit’s AM antenna wires.

Dinner was breaded clam strips and corn on the cob. Ice cream cake for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
    • Probably MNF – I don’t want to hand out calendars at BASFA before I’ve distributed them at work.

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