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Shit For Brains

Instead of there being the expected $250 to claim when I closed my Keypoint CU account this afternoon, there was a NSF fee and –80.61. I only had $70 on me, and the teller said I could pay any tomorrow. I asked if I should bring a check, and he said yes. Driving away, I got half a block before SHIT FOR BRAINS! flashed before my eyes. Idiot teller failed to suggest the ATM right outside. So I made a U-turn, slipped my new CU’s card into the machine, withdrew $300, went inside and a different teller finished the transaction with $81 from my wallet.

And then SHIT FOR BRAINS! flashed before my eyes again, because there was $25 and change in the savings account which I was also closing, which they should have transferred to the checking account to help pay the balance.

In the end they gave me that in cash.

What had messed everything up is when I entered my new CU info onto Toyota Finance’s web site, it didn’t make that the default payment option like I asked them to. I fixed that tonight.

Work started with the usual team meeting. I did not bring calendars because I knew half the crew was taking the extra day off. When I brought up an issue I was seeing with the latest build, several others said they saw it too. About an hour later, one of the team did some more analysis, and discovered the trouble was not with the new build, it was with the source signal. IT guru fixed that later in the day.

The rest of the day was spent claiming test cases, editing and running them.  Some were pretty tedious to edit, they had 50 steps or more, but half of those “steps” were things like “Chapter 17: Aspect Ratio:” and “Do all of the following:”

Keypoint only wasted half my lunch hour but also my appetite, so I went back to the office and had a cup’o’noodles in the break room while reading from Somtow’s book.

And here’s where work imitates life: The feed which was fixed that I was using for testing was one of the local network stations, and among the ads were a couple for Target pimping Cyber Monday sales. And one from Amazon doing likewise. So while I have the analyzer running in one window, I open up Chrome an check out Target. And they have a Westinghouse 55” 4K TV for about $100 more than my trigger price. Did some research and found that Westinghouse has pimped out their trademark to some Chinese company which also puts other well-known brand names on their TVs.

So I go to Amazon, expecting a better price. But they don’t have the Westinghouse in my size. They do have the next smaller one, but it’s the same price.

Discover sends me email that if I log in through their site to my Best Buy account, they will give me 5% cash back in 2 months for anything I buy using their card. So on to Best Buy via Discover, and there is the same TV, for $100 less. Bingo!

After I pull the trigger, I do some more research, as one does, and do not find any untoward info, mostly because these items just came on the market today but I also did not find anything in the specs which explicitly says that in addition to 4K resolution, it also supports HDCP 2.2, which is the copy protection protocol which 4K is going to be saddled with (think Macrovision) Real Soon Now.

So I open a customer service chat with Best Buy, and in about 5 minutes she looks at an actual TV & the box and confirms it does support this.

Delivery date 12/8.

While I was at it, I also used the Discover deal to buy a Tivo Bolt. I expect that to arrive in a few days.

So now my 4K equipment list is complete. For now. Eventually I will add a 4K DVD player, but no content is expected till January at the earliest.

To pay for all this, first I checked my brokerage account, but I didn’t have enough cash and all the stocks and bonds are doing well. So I took a chunk out of my 401K, and they take 20% off the top for Mr. Obama and another 2% for Gov. Brown. At my tax rate that probably won’t be enough, but the online form didn’t let me change it.

Home after work, watched MNF, it was worth all the bad officiating, and two teams with interns as QBs to see the last play.


In other news, maybe the pheromones have started working after all. Spook kept bringing me his toy mouse, and batted it back to me when I kicked it to her. And she even jumped onto my lap and the arm of the recliner to get to it a few times. Also, I really need to trim her claws.

Dinner was the last of the Costco stuffed cabbage. I tastes exactly like what my grandmother taught me to make. And corn on the cob. Ice cream cake for dessert. And lactaid pills. My tummy is much more predictable when I remember those.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work

  • Hand out calendars

  • Maybe Starbucks with the new laptop after work


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