Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late again on humpday review

Busy at work, lots of tests to run, had to reboot between each one.

Lunchtime got a manicure, no time for lunch, but I had an apple and fig newtons in my cooler.

1-on-1 with boss, got to vent a little.

Batcave Starbucks, set up the new Win10-compatible BT mouse, and kept getting blue screens. BT settings still had the older mouse paired which caused something similar to an IP address conflict, which should NOT have done anything worse than generate an error message. Fixed that and was operating fine.

Much eye candy, the ones which caught my eye most were a blonde EMT about 5’6”, maybe 110 lbs, cute butt in uniform pants cut to show it off; a very tall Indian gal about 19 years old in short, tight soccer shorts and legs which went forever, and a only slightly tsaftig latina in onezie jammies.

Home, emptied the dishwasher, pulled the last two cha chia bow out of the freezer compartment in the fridge, expecting to see two racks of ha gow as well,  but there were none, and also none in the freezer freezer. I could have sworn I bought two racks of those, 34 pieces each. Must have imagined that. Or else maybe I’ll find them in a closet.

So I warmed up a smoked turkey leg.  ice cream, cake for dessert. 2 more pieces left.

As I was doing that, one of Spook’s ball toys rolled between my feet. I kicked it back to her but she didn’t return it.

Caught up on Elementary episodes, it seems they have signed the father to a season-long contract. 

In other news, my left ear is bothering me. Must call Kaiser and get an appointment to have it flushed out. Too much to do tomorrow, try to line it up for Friday.

In the mailbox was a parcel of one of my meds. Two more to go, though I ordered all 4 simultaneously. USPS sent me 6 notices that they had delivered the package to my front door/porch, but I found them in the mailbox.

Not in the mailbox were the stamps needed to mail the calendars.

A Win10-compatible keyboard and mouse was shipped from eBay. Half the CyberMonday price compared with Amazon & Best Buy. I may move the Thai keyboard to work where we’re still on Windows 7. I have the English-only version of the same model there now.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Early lunch
  • Boss’ boss’ team meeting
  • More work
  • Home. Football
  • If stamps arrive, stuff envelopes

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