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Wanted to sleep late, but there was work today. Only finished one test case because 1.  it had many parts with separate setups and  2. IT changed all the multicast addresses in the lab, brilliantly choosing to do it at 2 pm.

Lunch was at Sizzler, where there was a Famous Science Fiction Writer™ sighting.

Across the street from Sizzler was a Specialty’s, which had held its place despite the entire  4 square block area around it being razed and many buildings raised. Today it is a hole in the ground with some heavy equipment making it a memory. Just when it looked like the construction would give them their parking lot back, too. Looks like we are getting a Hole Fools and a Taco Hell there.

Stopped off at the Chinese supermarket, and bought the ha gow I had imagined I had yesterday. Also some ngaw was on sale, and huge limes. And the most taste-deprived chicken bow ever.  And coconut popsicles. And they were playing all the obnoxious Jesus music.

Home, watched yet another football game decided on a bad penalty call, this time after the clock was at zero, which made a Mail Harry touchdown possible so the wrong team won.

Dinner was ha gow and chicken bow with a coconut popsicle for dessert. And shrimp chips as an appetizer.

So it has happened. An immigrant vetted by the ace Federal agencies which will be in charge of letting Syrian refugees into the country has helped her US-born Muslim husband shoot up San Bernadino. They had enough ammo and explosives to do 10x as much damage. And once again the police shoot to kill, depriving themselves of the chance to find out a wagonload of  “why”.

And in other news, a group of San Francisco cops, faced with a lame man  armed with a kitchen knife put 15 bullet holes in him. “He’s coming right at us” was the excuse, but on further investigation, he was leaving the scene, and a cop stepped in front of him to block his way, gun drawn.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Donut day, if I get there early enough
  • Kaiser, get my ears washed. I hope. I forgot to call them today, but it usually doesn’t need an appointment.

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