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Windows 10's latest updates have fixed the ugly. Windows Live Writer was pretty, but couldn't handle LJ tags, and made emoticons out of anything with parens.

And the insert line feature puts the line above the next typed text, not below or hidden.

So, slept well last night, woke up at 6:55, went back to sleep till the alarm finally broke through my dreams at 7:45. Somehow I was at work by 8:45. Shouldn't have rushed, the donuts were Krispy Kreme's worst.

Plowed through a lot of test cases, there was a series which was the same test but a different case for each video resolution. So we had 1080i, 720p, 480i, etc.  and then the 50Hz (Euro) versions and each time I changed I had to do a soft reboot. That's a diagnostic tool which shuts down all the operations but keeps the network connection active, and doesn't wipe RAM.

At about 9:30 I phoned Kaiser, gave my ear symptoms, and they set up an appointment with my doctor at 11. Got to registration and they said the doc was running 25 minutes late. I told them what I was there for and they said I didn't need an appointment, just see one of the nurses. So I did, and 5 minutes later my ears were being examined, and it turns out that there was not wax blockage at all, what I was feeling was the result of my home remedy. But while I was there they gave me a pneumonia shot.

Back to work, had lunch in the break room while reading from the Kindle app. Oatmeal. I have a huge box of packets of low cal Quaker's instant which I keep forgetting is there. Also polished off a dozen rambutan from the Chinese market.

More work, found a bug, and while filing it found another one.

Weekly report, then some pre-weekend organizing and home.

Delivered was a very nice Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. I unhooked the Microsoft ones, plugged in the new tiny USB transceiver, and no mouse activity. I'd taken the batteries from the old mouse, so I replaced those with new ones and the power light went from red to green, but still no action. Plugged the old mouse back in, downloaded an app from the mfg and tried to pair the mouse. It saw the wireless, but the optical laser is dead, so no workie.

Went online, Fry's has this mouse, I figured on buying one and then returning the bad one. But they had a better for me model for less, so I got that. It works fine. So I dashed off a note on eBay to the seller.

Meanwhile, the big Dell laptop sold for the lowest auction price, to someone in TX who has not paid yet. The Toshiba is still languishing there. I hate to lower the price again, but I might have to. "You say 50 marks, I say 100 marks, a difference of 50 marks, so why should that stand in our way? As long as the room's to let, the 50 that I will get is 50 more than I had yesterday".

Not delivered were the stamps I need to mail the calendars. Ridiculous. Last year I tried getting them at the PO, but those folks don't stock the oddball denominations I need, so I was left getting weird values which added up to the amount, and have a lot of 2¢ stamps left over.

Dinner was from frozen, spaghetti & meatballs, I added a sliced hard boiled egg and parmesan cheese. Ice cream cake for dessert. Only 1 slice left.

Watched a special on NFL Network on Bret Favre. Well done. Ended with his jersey retirement on Turkey Day.

A quick note about politics. We now know that a pair of Pakistanis shot up San Bernadino, and had more weapons and explosives than any 12 couples in their income level could afford. You can quibble and say one of them was from Chicago, but that would be as specious as claiming my New York born grandfather could not possibly have been a Zionist, a generation after his parents escaped persecution in Russia. Not to mention my sister and her 30 Israeli citizen descendants.

It is clear the Feds' claims of thorough investigation are not worth the electrons they are spewed across.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ardenwood Farms with my photo kit. Monarch butterflies are back. Thousands of them.
Coffee with Janice, and a calendar for her

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