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Bedtime was about 2:45 am

which meant I woke up about 6 times, with Spook coming in to yell at me at about 6:30, I know not why, but she led me to where her brush is on the living room floor, and rolled over on her back, so I brushed her for a while. And filled her treats bowl.

Back to sleep till 11 or so. Up and medicated, stripped the bed and put away two sets of laundry, then put the bedding in the wash along with the neoprene tablet holder because it was getting scrungy.

Made the bed, different sheets. Spook likes that I have put my sister's quilt back and taken off the thicker starry sky comforter. The house stays 68° and above all night.

Did my morning stuff with the 49ers game on. Put off going outside until the game was over. With 2:30 left to play, Chicago scored a touchdown, putting them ahead by a TD,so I turned off the TV and declared it a loss. Drove to the PO and slid all the calendars into the mailbox inside - the one with the handle which pulls down and can take about 5 at a time.
From there drove to the CU and deposited the mortgage refund check. Next top Fry's in search of a mesh stand, a monitor stand or printer stand which I want to use to replace the cardboard amazon box which is on top of the A/V unit and on which the center speaker is sitting. Because the A/V unit should have better ventilation. I have long since lost the shelf and its pegs which should go there. Did not find what I was looking for, but saw a lot of attractive entertainment unit stands. Nothing on wheels, though. I need to be able to rotate the unit to get to the connections in back.

Home, saw that the 49ers QB ran for a last-minute TD, then in OT won the game. But nothing is really missed because replays.

Played online, and also watched two more games. Pissed that the Seattle game was not broadcast here. Apparently they pounded their highly vaunted opponent. 

Caught up on the last two episodes of PTI. Wanted to catch the last two Dr. Who, but no time now.

Took out the recyclables, but not enough in the garbage bins to merit a special trip for that. Did have a lot of cardboard boxes to flatten and bundle.

Watered the roses, lime trees, fuchsias and front garden. Sat on the porch with a glass of chocolate milk and watched it not rain. And saw a few hummingbirds. They have made a significant dent this week in the feeders I filled last weekend.

Have not received payment for the laptop I sold on eBay. Early minimum bidders sometimes bail.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depending on who says they are going, may go to BASFA with calendars. This year I made enough to give away 10. Previous years I had auctioned one off, but the auction prices there are insulting, I would rather give them away.
Expect the TiVo Bolt to be delivered. Maybe. BestBuy is saying it's been delayed a day, but tracking still says tomorrow.


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Dec. 7th, 2015 06:46 am (UTC)
Cheap advice:

If you don't get payment on your eBay item, relist at a fixed price with an option to entertain offers. Often high-ticket items ($100 & up) do better this way than by auction. Also, you can set it to demand payment at time of purchase, which solves the NPB problem. Disadvantage: tends to take a bit longer.

I got no bids on my Martin ukulele at the $999.00 starting price a few years ago. Glad I didn't. I relisted at $2K with an offer option, and got an offer of around $1700-$1800 within a few days.

Some people don't like to bid on auctions.
Dec. 8th, 2015 08:00 am (UTC)
Thanks for the hints. I actually started that ultrabook as a fixed price/OBO, but didn't get any bites at all. Time to try it again, though.

And a little less truth in advertising. No need to tell people that a Win7 machine's fingerprint reader won't work under Win10. Maybe it will eventually.
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