Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Week Start

Toilet clogged again last night, battled with the plunger and won. Then clogged it again, this time it's not surrendering. Using the one in the guest room for now, will get the snake out of the shed tomorrow. And will be calling a plumber about re-piping, or maybe replacing the toilet with one which packs more psi.

Tummy was unkind to me all day. More on that later.

Up with the alarm after being up an hour early. Was all poised to get to work early when tummy said there was a higher priority.

Team meeting at work was quiet. New build was released after we went home Friday. Installed it after the meeting and carried on testing. Found a glaring video conversion bug, turns out my behind-me neighbor had found it in a similar test, using different source and output values - those had worked fine for me. Lots of screen captures and due diligence, had to test it with PAL, NTSC, 4:3, 16:9, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 and there was much smacking of gobs when all those combos turned the screen green. Took a long time to write up the bug, too.

Also confirmed that the new build did not fix a bug I filed Friday.

No lunch, was feeling full for no apparent reason. Drove to a nearby park, started reading from the tablet, but it was cold and breezy and I was wearing a light jacket. Luckily the park's men's room was open, because I needed it.

Back to work, more tests, was able to fail 2 more on the basis of that first one. Block, not fail. Block means I can't run the test because something is not working.

Called Citibank, closed my credit card account now that it is paid off and was charging some obscene interest rate.

UPS insists the Tivo Bolt is on a truck out for delivery by EOD today, but at 11:30 pm it is not here, so they lie. Got a call from Best Buy's robot that the TV would be here between noon and 2 pm, so I'll work from home until it arrives. Maybe all day, if it's here late like the freezer was. Team already knows.

Straight home after work, considered goint to BASFA with calendars, but too many people would probably be missing due to SMOFCon hangover, and the robo call did not come in till 6:50, and by then the MNF game was too exciting to abandon.

Spook has been very vocal, as I prepared for the TV delivery. One of her big scratcher toys had to be moved, as well as her lambskin rug, and the orchids atop the L&R speakers are now on the desk in the office. Took the smaller TV from the bedroom and put it next to the coffee table in the livingroom, to be recycled. Also took the top piece off the TV stand, because the big TV in the livingroom is moving there and doesn't need the boost as much as it needs the width.

She also brought the mouse with ears to me, and I played with that. She jumped up onto the arm of the recliner for a nanosecond, small win.

Dinner was fish sticks & veggies. And milk.

Plans for tomorrow:
Snake the toilet
Call the plumber, make an appointment to:
- solve the toilet problem
- solve the no pressure in the bathroom sink problem
- build a tap-out under the kitchen sink to run water to the fridge's icemaker.
Work from home, some test cases can be done via RDP
Be home for the TV delivery, and maybe the Tivo too
Maybe go to work after
Deposit the 401k check & pay off credit cards
Maybe hang out at the local Peet's

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