Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy @home @work day

Final try wee hours with the plunger made the toilet back up. Put down towels,  used the guest bathroom and went to sleep.

So the plan was to work from home, so I slept till 8:30. Gathered the wet towels from the bathroom floor and threw them into the washer on spin cycle. Did my morning stuff, went out to the shed and got the 6' mega snake, and beat the crap out of the clogged toilet. Crap came to the surface, but it didn't clear. Plungered for about 5 minutes, and finally got it fixed. Put the bathroom rugs in the wash with the towels, added detergent and pushed go.

Logged into work expecting the BestBuy delivery to be late (as in after 2 pm) since they had a track record. The Tivo Bolt which was ordered on the same day as the TV and was allegedly in stock was not delivered as scheduled yesterday, and the freezer delivery was half an hour late.

Got some tests done, the Comcast connection was blazing so well I could almost watch ESPN playing on my work machine.

10:30, BB driver calls, he's half an hour away. Wow. They actually arrived at 11:10, for a noon-2 pm window.  And they did everything right, carried the 1080i 565" to the bedroom and placed it on the stand, set up the 55" 4K in the livingroom, but it didn't fit. The 1080i machine's stand is mounted in the center and forms an X under it, but the 4K's stand is two wedge-like objects at the ends of the set, pointing out. So I brought a pair of boards from the closet and made a temporary longer platform. They took the old 48" TV to be recycled, along with the box and filler stuff.

Reprogrammed the remote, and it all worked.

And went online, and found a <=60" stand at Fry's for $70, bought that and printed out the receipt.

Put the towels & mats into the dryer.

Noon, off to the CU to deposit the 401k check, and then to Round Table across the street for the buffet. The price is now >$12, no longer worth it, so from now on it's an individual pizza or eat somewhere else, like Togo's.

To work before 1, ran more tests, found a bunch more to have Boss assign to me, and did all but one before quitting time. I could have done that one too, but wanted to have something for tomorrow.

Fry's, I had to wait for 10 minutes for the TV section manager and FIVE minions to figure out what TV some guy thought he ordered before ass. mgr. broke free and got the stand onto a cart for me. Wheeled it to the cashier, paid for it (I had entered all the card info online, so WTF???) and drove it home. It fit in the hatchback with one of the back seats down.

Home, got out the dolly, maneuvered the box (64 lbs) onto it, and up the 5 steps into the house. It is now parked by the coffee table, where it will stay till at least tomorrow.

Delivered was the monitor stand for the center speaker, which now I don't need because of the new stand. No sign of the Tivo Bolt.

Took 5 minutes to catch my breath, then to Los Altos for the monthly songwriters' meetup. I had not been to one in months, because they ran out of venues, but now we're back at Josh Friedman's studio. I included the link, because Josh is a good guy, and if you know anyone looking for guitar lessons, he's an excellent choice.

Home, the Bolt was there. So was a very heavy box which turned out to be 2.5 gallons of diet coke syrup. The genu-wine article. I popped it open and installed the tap which I had bought months ago. It works, but it leaks a little, so I have to keep the box upright when not in use. Filled a SodaStream diet cola container from it. Made some, but it is a lot weaker than the SodaStream syrup. Needs 2-3 capfuls.

Took the towels and mats out of the dryer and installed them where they belonged.

Set up the new Bolt, online and then on my network. Tomorrow I'll swap the one in the bedroom out, put its cable card into the Bolt, and put the livingroom one into the bedroom. I've already been able to connect the two newer ones online, should be able to swap recordings and schedules across to the bolt.

I brought some 4K content from work on a USB drive, but have not had time to try playing it. The TV has a USB port for that.

Dinner was beef pot pie and the last of the cantaloupe. Need to buy me another one of them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish the tivo project
Assemble the new TV stand & propagate it. I probably need to buy sliders for the feet.

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