Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And now it's bedtime again

OCD would not let me sleep until I had:
  • Pulled out the Tivo in the bedroom and disconnected it
  • Removed the cable card from the bedroom TiVo
  • Pulled out the livingroom Tivo and set it up in the bedroom
  • Inserted the cable card into the new Tivo Bolt
  • Hooked up the new Tivo in the livingroom
- As soon as I checked out the newly installed bedroom Tivo, it started downloading an update, which would take hours.
- As soon as I checked out the newly installed livingroom Tivo, it complained that the cable card had to be authorized, call a toll-free number
By now it is after 2 am, so I turned off all the TVs and the A/V unit and went to bed. Took almost an hour to get my brain to stop enough to get to sleep.

Up at 7:30, got my earbuds out ready to call the Tivo support number. Turned on the new unit, and overnight it had self-authorized. Which it should have done in the first place.

Out the door at 9, feeling about 70%. Took the most direct not-freeway route to work.

Boss assigned me a bug scrub, something a customer had shown a sales engineer, Boss needed to know it it was still misbehaving in the test version I have on my box. It was. But it was tricky to get the box into that condition. And the fact that we had that setting at all was probably a work-around for a misbehaving feature in another company's equipment.

11:30, we were off to a holiday lunch for Boss' Boss' team. It was at the largest restaurant in Silicon Valley, which happens to be Mexican. Pretty much nothing on the menu is edible, IMHO. I made the mistake of ordering the special, Mahi Mahi done some special way. One bite and I was coughing. The scoop of rice was heavily curried, it made my head explode. Mexican rice is pug ugly to begin with. The green beans were not spicy but they were tough. I had shot up insulin expecting to be eating, so my blood sugar level dropped way low. Add to that 25 people in 7 conversations, and me in the center. Couldn't decode a thing. Dessert helped, cheesecake. And sugar in my iced tea.

About 1:30 we were done, I got a couple of glucose tablets out of the glove compartment, and a pair of migraine Tylenols. Back at work, I ran one more test, read some docs, discovered that the last test I had on my plate was for a feature which is not yet in the product. Took myself to the break room, had a Snickers bar, and since there was no one there, racked up the pool balls and played a round against myself. I left it with the cue behind the 8-ball. Seemed fitting.

Straight home at about 5:45, same direct route. Took a nap. It took 15 minutes to get to sleep, woke up around 7:45.

Decided to do a better job programming the Logitech remote for the livingroom, since neither the Bolt nor the TV are in their database yet. Took a few tries, and in the end the display for the Tivo was different than what I'd programmed. But usable.

Watched two episodes of PTI. The bolt has an annoying "feature" of blanking out when FF or REW is invoked, and the over-advertised commercial skip feature is a lie. It only applies to the small handful of  programs which Tivo has negotiated with the © owners. Pisses me off, because that was 20% of why I upgraded.

Writing that reminded me I was looking for a way to transfer all the auto-record (aka One Pass) settings from the now-bedroom to the Bolt. After 10 minutes of not finding it on the main Tivo site, it only took 30 seconds to do on online.tivo.com. I had already transferred what videos were on there.

Dinner was Thai coconut chicken frozen meal and a criossant. No dessert.

Delivered whilst I was asleep was a cat scratcher loop. I set it up, and Spook sniffed at it, then went belly-up, rocking back and forth as if the brush could reach out and brush her. I pushed her through it a couple of times, but she still doesn't get it. I thought she was smarter than that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Maybe make a Costco run at lunchtime.
Home - watch football while assembling the TV stand
Maybe even transfer everything to the new stand.


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