Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sweat equity

Or at least sweat. Lots of it. Always happens when I assemble some mechanical thing. More on that later

Up way late again, more OCD stuff. Woke up at 7:30, streets were damp but it was not raining on the way to work. Got there by way of the freeway. On time. Installed new old software on my machine and checked to see if a bug I'd worked on yesterday had been fixed. Almost. Negotiated with the GUI engineer and the sales engineer and figured it was customer-presentable.

Put the new new software back on my machine and watched lots of video until the network crashed.

Lunchtime was a shopping trip to Costco. Mostly bought what was on my list, plus stuffed grape leaves, and dark chocolate covered macadamias.

Home after work, watched the football game, dinner was pita and lox and hummus. I was not scared, Dr. Carson. This week's costco pita is lame - no pocket.

After the game I opened up the big box 'o' stuff and assembled the new TV stand. Everything was well and logically packed and numbered, except I did not see the long double-screw-ends poles which form the basic frame. Found them underneath the three very heavy glass shelves. Should have been on top of the styrofoam.

It was not difficult, even with no words on the instruction sheets. 

Took a break, watched some Tivo recordings. Next step was the hairy one. rotate the current stand, pull all the items out the back, leaving the TV in  place. Rotate the new stand and fail to slide the A/V receiver in from the back or sides because the new stand has a support up the center and the only way it will fit onto it is from the front. Had to disconnect all the 87,000 wires, pull them through from the back and plug them into the unit at the front. Then slide the unit in place.

Fired it up, and the audio is funky on Tivo playback. Watched another silly chapter of Supergirl and was pissed to see it was in SD, the new Tivo ignored my HD Only setting. Live TV is fine. It may have to do with those shows being transferred from the old Tivo which is now in the bedroom. Or it may be an issue with the receiver.

Will work on that more some other time.

Do not know what I will do with the old TV stand/cabinet.

Plans for tomorrow:
It will be bagel day
Home - troubleshoot the audio. I may need to recalibrate the speakers.

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